Aussie School Fonts DeluxeAges 5-12

This software has been updated for OSX 10.7+ and Windows 7/8. This page is for historical records only, click here to view the latest version of Aussie School Fonts Plus

From type to handwriting in seconds!

Aussie School Fonts Deluxe is a complete set of fonts for teaching handwriting in all Australian States (Note: The South Australian fonts are the ones used prior to 2006. i.e. they are not South Australian Modern Cursive). Provide your students with the correct style to follow. Convert any amount of typed text into perfect handwriting in seconds!

Use these fonts to quickly produce handwriting worksheets in print, pre-cursive and cursive styles (and even speedloops where appropriate).

The handwriting fonts display in solid, outlined, dotted and guideline variations. Provide a consistent and quality approach to teaching handwriting to children while enhancing the quality of your teaching materials.

The included ‘Helper’ program generates the fonts with accurate joins and letter shapes. For the cursive fonts, it calculates the correct letter form to use according to adjacent letters.


An Australian Print, PreCursive, Cursive, & Speedloops font set with Solid, Outlined, Dotted, and Guidelines display.

Type or paste any text into Aussie School Fonts Deluxe and convert it to perfect Australian handwriting complete with correct letter shapes and joins. Use your text in school projects and greeting cards, or print and trace for handwriting practice.

Use Aussie School Fonts at Home

Aussie School Fonts demonstrates the correct handwriting model for your school. Parents can use it as a reference on the family’s home computer when teaching children how to write. At homework time show them how to write right!

When young children are starting to write (print) various letters of the alphabet they need to know what they are and how to write them. It’s the best time to practise the correct writing style as taught at school. This develops with pre-cursive as they learn letter joins, which then changes to full cursive.

Surround your child with good examples from the Helper program – by immersion and practise will improve skills. Make handwriting not just once or twice a week ‘demonstration and practice’ but see kids observing, reading, tracing and writing. Aussie School Fonts Deluxe is an easy-to-use resource that will benefit any primary teacher or family.

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