The Down Under Collection DeluxeAll Ages

Images specifically designed for Australian school needs!

The Down Under Collection Deluxe Deluxe is made by Australians for the Australian education community. Extensive consultation with teachers and curriculum experts has ensured that images are relevant and complement the curricula used in Australian schools.

Over 1500 Australian images in full colour and black & white are sorted into 50 easy-to-use categories such as junior primary, science, transport and Australian wildlife, Australian culture and Australian history.

It’s the standard educational image source for thousands of Australian schools and homes!

Educational Content

‘True Blue’ clip art for home and school! Assignments and presentations are often produced using the home computer and commonly address Australian topics. This clip art package thoroughly covers Australian themes. For an extensive and interesting collection of usable images, look no further!

Clip Art Categories

Animals – Birds
Animals – Exotic
Animals – Insects/Arachnids
Animals – Invertebrates
Animals – Mammals
Animals – Marine
Animals – Marine/Shells
Animals – Reptiles
Architecture – Australian
Architecture – World
Australian Culture
Australian Exploration
Australian History
Australian Landmarks
Australian Maps
Australian Services History
Childrens Activities
Community Services
Domestic Items
Environmental Issues
Extinct Creatures
Famous Australian Women

Frames and Borders
Government and Law
Indigenous Culture
Industrial Australia
Near Neighbours
Rural Australia
Science Equipment
Science General
Signs and Symbols
Special Occasions
Star Bursts
States and Territories
Technology and Communication

Contributing Artists

Trisha Moore

Trisha has a Bachelor of Design with Honours from the University of Technology, Sydney. She has also studied at St. Martins Central School of Art and Design, London. Her majors have been in fashion and textile design and she has welcomed this opportunity to use her skills in the medium of pen and ink.

Noel Hill

Noel is a professional caricature artist with many years experience in illustrating magazines, educational materials, advertisements and the production of personalised caricatures. His deftness of hand with pen, brush and ink and his keen sense of humour have contributed much to the whole collection.

Ellise Lancaster

Ellise has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. She has welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to use pen and ink. Her previous background has been a diverse experience with layout design, photography and corporate image promotion.

Meshell Oram

Meshell has an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design. Previously she has qualified in Visual Arts and worked for a number of years as a textile designer.

Peter Oram

Peter trained as a lithographic artist and then went into industrial design, studied colour psychology then entered Moore College where he trained for the Anglican ministry. After Moore College Peter produced artwork that travelled round the world for Gospel recordings and Paul White Productions. For the past 20 years he has worked as a counsellor in adolescent, family, drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Hugh Stuart-Killick

Hugh has been a professional cartoonist and technical illustrator for many years. His work has appeared in leading newspapers and magazines.

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