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Kids are losing the ability to do tables and mental maths. With calculators, computers and mobile devices their maths brains are turning to jelly! That’s why we’re giving away Ultimate Maths Invaders. It helps build rapid-fire ability with tables, mental maths agility and is fun to use.


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Tables, Number Facts, + – x ÷, -2, %, 2.2, 0.2, 1/2, √2


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Ultimate Maths Invaders teaches kids aged 5 – 15 all their tables and number facts while building mental maths ability. It extends able mathematicians, deepening and broadening their abilities with advanced challenges in fractions, decimals, percentages, numeration, counting, squares, square roots, powers and directed numbers.

"Ultimate Maths Invaders is a game children will enjoy as a means of improving maths skills, a boon to busy teachers and a well-constructed programme of arithmetical skills for home use"

- Ken Docksey
Teacher and ICT Coordinator, Sandon Primary School

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