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Samples of all the Australian School Fonts in Aussie School Fonts Plus

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Table of Fonts Included

224 OpenType fonts in total with 28 for each State or Territory including ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC , WA covering:

  • Print Solid
  • Print Dashed
  • Print Outline
  • Print Guide Lined Solid
  • Print Guide Lined Dashed
  • Print Arrow Solid
  • Print Arrow Dashed
  • Print Arrow Outline
  • Print Arrow Guide Lined Solid
  • Print Arrow Guide Lined Dashed
  • Pre Cursive Solid
  • Pre Cursive Dashed
  • Pre Cursive Outline
  • Pre Cursive Guide Lined Solid
  • Pre Cursive Guide Lined Dashed
  • Pre Cursive Arrow Solid
  • Pre Cursive Arrow Dashed
  • Pre Cursive Arrow Outline
  • Pre Cursive Arrow Guide Lined Solid
  • Pre Cursive Arrow Guide Lined Dashed
  • Cursive Solid
  • Cursive Dashed
  • Cursive Guide Lined Solid
  • Cursive Guide Lined Dashed
  • Speed Loops Solid
  • Speed Loops Dashed
  • Speed Loops Guide Lined Solid
  • Speed Loops Guide Lined Dashed
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