Integrated Speech

To help kids learn to read, Integrated Speech and sound support are used throughout the BRAINtastic! Reading Success titles ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR. Each activity uses spoken instructions, sound reinforcements and corrections to take reading software into a whole new dimension. In titles FIVE and SIX, Integrated Speech is no longer required as children learn to think the meaning of words rather than hear their sounds.

Developing readers can be anywhere from still trying to learn their letters to devouring novels, which is why there is a BRAINtastic! Reading Success title which is just right for each child!

Children’s eyes and ears are both needed to make the difficult jump from speech to reading because kids begin to read by learning the sounds they hear in speech. That’s why BRAINtastic! Reading Success uniquely combines sight and sound for maximum learning potential. It’s like having a teacher sit and read to each child!

The Integrated Speech and sound support in BRAINtastic! Reading Success is extremely comprehensive, with over 3,800 sound files for phonemes, vocabulary, instructions, answers and more! Sound support reinforces sound/symbol correlations and frees the child from reading instructions – now what book can do that?

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