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An Educational Mathematics Game Suitable for All Maths Learning – Extension and Revision

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In this exciting educational mathematics program for computer, players must solve maths games and activities to earn Courage Swords and, with some strategy, a bit of luck, and a few sneaky gadgets, earn the right to fight the dragon and save the village! At the end of the game, players get to watch the cool 3D reward movie, “Face the Dragon!”

Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon presents educational maths games in a cool 3D-style game board layout, which appeals to learners of all ages and stages. The content covers Measurement, Mass, Length, Area, Volume, Time, Space, 2D & 3D Shape, Angle & Spatial Reasoning, Position & Coordinate Geometry, Transformations & Symmetry, Chance & Data, Probability, Algebraic Patterns, Relationships & Reasoning, Formulae & Equations, Functions and Graphs.

As a teacher, if you’re don’t have the time to write detailed maths lesson plans, you can use this highly customisable kids maths software to create a huge number of practicing maths lessons, using the educationally sound content to complement your child’s school/class maths learning program or as an alternative to maths worksheets and black line masters. Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon includes powerful record keeping tools to help diagnose areas of difficulty, and can be used to target these areas in future classroom maths games and lessons, both maths revision and maths extension.

Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon is cross platform – both PC software and Mac software – which means that even more kids can have fun with and benefit from the interactive maths games! Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon is one of the best products you’ll find in the maths learning software category – children’s maths games have never been more exciting or more rewarding! Check it out for yourself by downloading the free demo software online!

Read more about Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon

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