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Computer Spelling Tutor

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Spelling Force 2 is a spelling game where kids can practice and test themselves with specific spelling words, complete with voice recordings, common misspellings to watch out for and an example sentence.

With Spelling Force 2, your kids learn to spell by practicing carefully designed spelling lists drawn from a huge bank of words using four cool spelling games. Many of these built-in spelling lists have been structured and ordered to communicate specific spelling rules. The spelling tests also improve pupils’ spelling power, and record detailed results for teaching spelling in the future, helping you to straighten out spelling problems and misunderstandings.

Spelling Force 2 is like a huge collection of spelling lessons within a single program! It provides fun, exciting entertainment while helping learners develop sophisticated spelling strategies that will be of benefit as they continue learning to read and learning to write. You won’t find higher quality spelling software – and with a free demo available for download online, you can find this out for yourself!

If you want your child to learn how to spell, Spelling Force 2 holds the key. With four awesome spelling game activities, the Look-Cover-Write-Check module and the ability to print spelling worksheets, Spelling Force 2 is spelling made easy – an expandable spelling tutor that challenges all pupils!

Read more about Spelling Force.

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