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An English Spelling Game for Kids That Promotes Reading Strategies and Spelling Mastery!

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Spelling Force 2 is a kids’ spelling game in which spellers of all ages and stages can practise and test themselves against a huge range of built-in spelling lists. These spelling lists include lists developed by the Department for Education and Employment (DfEE), graded word lists, word-building families, word groups, high-frequency word lists, topic-specific word lists, lists of difficult words and more!

By using these built-in spelling lists, kids develop variety of reading strategies and skills that increase fluency and accuracy. Kids can even focus-in on particular spelling patterns and rules by entering (or having you enter) specific words to create custom spelling lists. Spelling Force 2 also includes the Look-Cover-Write-Check module, which allows kids to use the conventional method of spelling practice on the computer!

Kids practice both the built-in and player-created spelling lists with four spelling games: X-ray Emergency, Major Meldown, Magno Beamer and Launchpad Panic. These games provide code-breaking challenges, pattern-matching exercises, spelling puzzles and arcade action, all of which promote strategic language thinking skills.

If you are a teacher, you can incorporate Spelling Force 2 into your spelling lesson plans, making fun lessons that further strengthen your teaching and add to your classroom spelling games. The ‘Print Worksheets’ module lets you save and print various ‘black line master’-style spelling worksheets, either from the built-in lists, or those you have created yourself. These worksheets include a list of words, five types of cloze passages, jumbled letter sorting and a word-to-sentence matching exercise. Spelling Force 2 includes powerful record-keeping and progress-monitoring functions that allow you to give specific spelling instruction.

Each word in the built-in spelling lists comes with a clear sound recording, common misspelling to watch out for, and an example sentence. A free demo of Spelling Force 2 is available for download online.

Read more about Spelling Force.

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