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Kids’ Educational Spelling Software

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Spelling Force 2 is an educational spelling software program with four awesome spelling games and a range of other features that combine to make spelling practice a piece of cake! It is aimed at pupils aged 5-15.

Spelling Force 2 improves spelling power by using carefully-sequenced spelling lists that progressively introduce words with specific spelling patterns and rules. This helps develop flexible spelling techniques, allowing pupils to spell difficult words in unfamiliar situations, and discouraging reliance on old, ineffective spelling strategies, such as memorisation. Spelling Force 2 also maintains a record of difficult spelling words and uses advanced progress monitoring to help resolve common spelling problems and misunderstandings.

Because the English language is so complicated, learning to spell can be a challenging task, but is foundational to English literacy, impacting both reading and writing skills, which in turn will impact learning in other areas of life. Spelling Force 2 is a spelling program in which students can practice spelling words and learn a variety of spelling strategies to improve not only their spelling ability, but also their mastery of the English language, including reading fluency and writing accuracy. Spelling Force 2 provides the opportunity to learn skills that can be used in day-to-day reading and writing activities, providing a foundation for more advanced literacy learning.

Spelling Force 2 includes four exciting spelling games, the Look-Cover-Write-Check, a huge and expandable bank of words and other features! With carefully-categorised spelling lists – from sight word spelling lists and phonic spelling lists to much more advanced spelling lists – Spelling Force 2 is the ultimate in educational spelling software! Learn more about Spelling Force 2 now, or download a free demo online.

Read more about Spelling Force.

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