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The Educational Typing Software that Teaches Typing Skills to All Typists!

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Get your kids typing with Typing Tournament, the educational typing software that allows typists to set their own typing wpm (words per minute) goals and progress at their own pace. Typing Tournament is set in a medieval world and has 16 locations, each including a typing lesson, typing practice exercises/drills, three typing games, and a final typing test. Typing Tournament is typing learning software that includes integrated and engaging texts to boost motivation.

In each location, the touch typing lessons use an animated demonstration to introduce four new keys. Typing Tournament includes three cool typing speed games – Castle Siege, Powder Keg and Dragon Chase – which use each lesson’s focus keys according to players’ defined typing wpm goals. After players have had enough keyboarding practice to refine their typing skills, they can take the wpm typing test and see just how far they’ve come!

Typing Tournament makes use of a new method of typing instruction called the Multiple Progressions Model, which strategically structures lessons and presents typing content in order to teach typing with maximum effectiveness. Typing Tournament sets the standard in quality typing software for kids, but it also provides typing help for all abilities, from ages 7 to adult! Try it for yourself by downloading the free demo online – typing games that just measure typing speed can’t measure up to Typing Tournament! Learning how to type has never been so much fun!

With bright and colourful graphics, an engaging storyline, an exciting 3D reward movie at the end of the game and many more cool features, Typing Tournament is the typing software you can’t go past! Check it out for yourself by downloading a free demo!

Read more about Typing Tournament.

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