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A Powerful Computer Maths Game for Home and School, providing Exciting Game Play Appropriate to Curriculum and Classroom Maths Activities!

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Ultimate Maths Invaders is a maths game containing fun maths activities for kids aged 5-15.

This high-quality educational maths game allows your children to learn the fundamental maths skills essential both in everyday living and in higher learning. The content deals with basic number facts and operations, such as counting and numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but the skills learnt through this powerful software can be applied in many other areas of mathematics, for example, money, place value, algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals and much more!

As a teacher, you can use Ultimate Maths Invaders to reinforce you maths lessons, or as an alternative to maths worksheets and black line masters. Ultimate Maths Invaders is a maths curriculum program (with curriculum correlation documents available online), so you can be sure that it fits in with the curriculum maths activities used in your school and class. Ultimate Maths Invaders is a powerful maths resource that is the perfect number game to complement you classroom maths games, and can be customised to specifically address individual learning needs.

Ultimate Maths Invaders includes four game types to suit players with different levels of video game experience, and an Ultimate Challenge level to provide a level playing field for benchmarking. The record keeping functions also allow you to monitor player progress.

Of all the computer maths game out there, Ultimate Maths Invaders leads the pack, with classic yet varied game play and clear, challenging maths questions! Ultimate Maths Invaders is a maths software program like no other, combining maths tutoring with exciting gameplay that will have your kids addicted to learning!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a kids maths game that beats Ultimate Maths Invaders! Ultimate Maths Invaders is an addition game, subtraction game, multiplication game and division game all rolled into one, drilling maths facts for kids of all ages and stages. A free demo is available for download online – maths games that you can try for your self!

Read more about Ultimate Maths Invaders!

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