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A Fun, Engaging and High Quality Curriculum Maths Program

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Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is a curriculum maths program that provides high quality educational content and exciting game play that will have your kids dying for more!

Players must race round the volcanic island on which their plane has crashed, grabbing fuel canisters to escape in the jet-powered escape pod. By correctly answering the interactive maths games, players earn credits, buy sneaky gadgets and get the most fuel so that they can zoom off to safety – the players who miss out must flee the volcano using the inflatable life raft. Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is full of cool maths games and activities that push players to their personal limit (each player competes at their own maths level), and provides chance, strategy and twists and turns that’ll have them on the edge of their seats!

The content in Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic covers all aspects of number and numeration, with 7500+ questions in 26 levels appropriate to ages 5 to 15 – Counting, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percentage, Ratio, Proportion – Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic has the lot! Because the computer maths games were developed by a diverse team of educators the content is also suitable for a range of learning styles, with such activities as word problems, algorithms, number quizzes, multiple choice questions and math patterns. The diagnostic features of Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic provide guidance for further instruction with maths learning games and classroom lessons.

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is an educational maths game with more fun than you can fathom! With extreme game play and sophisticated, teacher developed maths computer games, Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is the ultimate in maths learning software! Download a free demo online and try it for yourself!

Read more about Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic

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