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Fun and Educationally Sound Maths Game for Kids

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Looking for a kid-friendly, high-quality maths computer game?

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is a fun maths game for kids aged 5-15 that boosts numeracy skills and mental maths ability with a huge range of cool number games and maths activities. The content is displayed in a maths board game layout, and provides drills, activities and problem-solving scenarios in numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentage, ratio and proportion. It is available as a maths PC game as well as a maths Macintosh game.

If you’re a parent, you’re sure to find maths questions suitable for your child, no matter their skill level. The content covers basic facts in mathematics (such as operations with numbers from 1 to 100) as well as more advanced maths learning (such as complex algorithms and calculations of ratio and proportion) – it is virtually an entire learning maths program! The maths activities are extremely diverse, including such things as maths card games, logic games, game show math, bingo, tables and multiplication charts and much more!

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is not only for use in the home – if you’re a teacher wanting games that really teach maths, Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic will prove to be a great tool for use in your school/classroom as well. Numbers Up! Volcanic panic is like fun and user-friendly maths teaching resource that makes kids want to learn – you can even customise the educational software to create virtual maths lessons, or use the maths puzzles and games as alternative for worksheets and black line masters! Most of the content links to the maths curriculum, which means your kids’ maths learning will benefit them for the rest of their schooling! Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic can be used with children in preschool/kindergarten, right through to primary/elementary education and lower secondary/high school education.

Of all the children’s maths games available, Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic – having won multiple awards – is one of the finest! It is a fun, educationally proven program that provides high quality maths help and tutoring for kids of all abilities – just read some math games reviews! A free demo is available for download, and the entire game can be purchased online – meaning these exciting and unique maths activities are accessible for everyone! Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is an interactive, sophisticated and advanced maths program – a brain game for the maths mind, with a whole lot of fun thrown in!

Read more about Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic

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