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English Educational Software for Children!

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Looking for kid-friendly, high-quality English educational software where children can learn a wide range of literacy skills?

Look no further than Words Rock!, a vocabulary builder, spelling tutor and reading program all rolled into one! Words Rock! contains high quality literacy activities in a cool board game layout. The wide-ranging activities cover many key English skills, including grammar, punctuation, sight words and word recognition, spelling rules (including phonics) and reading skills – it’s English made easy!

Not only will your kids have a whole lot of fun with this highly engaging game, but they’ll also enjoy working through the interactive problem solving activities too! These activities include such things as crosswords, find-a-words, spelling puzzles, word scrambles, cloze passages and much more! The skills your kids learn in Words Rock! will contribute to school assignments, informal letter writing, public speaking, spelling – basically all areas of the English language, reading, writing and talking and listening.

Words Rock! helps to build a variety of reading strategies, and also covers some common English language issues and misconceptions. It is an excellent, customisable and value-for-money product that is suitable for all language learners, from those with specific learning needs to even the most advanced linguist.

Read more about Words Rock!

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