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Language Learning Software for All Abilities!

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Words Rock! is a top-quality language learning software program where your kids will learn all sorts of word skills, while having more fun than you can poke a stick at! Words Rock! develops a broad English language foundation – as your kids use Words Rock!, they will learn how to read, how to write and how to spell. Words Rock! addresses some of the issues in English, clarifying common language misconceptions and correcting spelling problems. The content is presented in a game board layout, and is suitable for ages 5-15.

If learning to write is something you want for your child, don’t go past Words Rock!, the coolest, most kid-friendly language game that will also improve spelling skills, reading fluency and comprehension and understandings in grammar and punctuation. Words Rock! is cross-platform, available both as an English PC game and as a English Macintosh game – Words Rock! is English made easy!

Read more about Words Rock!

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