BRAINtastic v2 Maths: Lower PrimaryAges 6-8

Grow the maths whiz in your child!

This BRAINtastic! Maths title combines curriculum-based activities with fun Reward Games to motivate your child to learn, be they a Beginning, Emerging, Struggling or Power mathematician.

Each BRAINtastic! Maths title provides comprehensive coverage of mathematics curriculum in a way that promotes higher-order mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills, rather than mindless number crunching


  • Ages 6-8
  • Over 2,400 age-appropriate learning activities
  • Establishes core mathematical skills and understandings in emerging maths learners
  • Over 2 years of educational content in 8 carefully sequenced levels with categories covering:
    • Numeration: integers, operations, money
    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Multiplication & Division
    • Fractions & Decimals: ratio, percentages
    • Patterns & Algebra: patterns, relationships
    • Data: recording, displaying and interpreting data
    • Measurement: length, area, volume/capacity, mass, time
    • Space & Geometry: 2D, 3D, position, angle, transformations, symmetry

Title Contains

  • BRAINtastic! V2 Central Control
  • Two educational Content Modules: Maths Lower Primary 1and Maths Lower Primary 2
  • Reward Games: BugWHACK!, Extreme Fashion and Galactic Retrieval Squad

Stand alone or part of a greater whole

Each BRAINtastic title works on its own or combines with others to build a modular learning system. Click here to find out more. Titles are available individually or saveĀ  with Value Bundles.


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