BRAINtastic v2 Word Skills: Value BundleAges 5 to 15+


Teacher Reviews

“I would like to take this opportunity to state how impressed I have been by the Braintastic! Word Skills. A number of children in the upper classes have been fighting for computer space to play the reward games, of which Bug Whack is a particular favourite. I, in turn, have been able to set individual levels to suit each child’s needs on the expertly devised literacy questions. I shall recommend the software to all our parents.”
– Kate Partington, Head of English from Pownall Hall Prep School

“Braintastic is a fabulous resource! The software allows children to select games to play within the same educational framework. This keeps the children engaged throughout as they can change game as they work through their levels.

As I am responsible for teaching ICT throughout the school I am using it with children from 8 – 11 yo. In ICT we use generic ‘class logins’ whilst the children are taught how to use the software. In class they will use personal logins.

The fact that Braintastic will be used in Maths as well as Language is another plus as the children will be used to the format but again will be able to select the ‘game’ that they, themselves, want to play.

Another benefit for the teacher is that children can be moved up and down levels allowing children to progress at their appropriate level. The children’s progress can be monitored as well which can give teachers reassurance as to what level the children are working on and if there are any areas where a child needs reinforcement.

Teachers can allow children to work in groups or individually and can select specific or broad areas for the children to work at. Braintastic can be used to support specific areas of the curriculum running alongside and built-in to their plans.

Another great part of Braintastic, as with all EdAlive software, is the cost. As part of the Community Software Plan schools can receive a FREE site licence and children can purchase home licences for 50% or less. Another way of reinforcing work and building home – school links. It is a superb and affordable way of kitting out a school. I wish other companies had such ideas and deals.

Lastly, I must mention again the children. They can become engaged and absorbed in Braintastic, having a wonderful experience whilst (probably!) not realising the educational benefit they receive. It is great to see and hear waving and cheering as they progress! Braintastic fantastic!

– Lindsay Odie, ICT Teacher from Gilmerton Primary School

Parent Reviews

“For once I don’t have to argue with the kids to do their home work as they love your programs. Both their maths and spelling have improved out of sight. I strongly recommend your programs to every body I speak to. I must say that if home and school are supporting each other it has to be a lot easier on our children.”
– Jenny, Parent

“The kids love BRAINtastic! and I do too. BRAINtastic!, together with Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic v2 and Numbers Up! Baggin’ the Dragon v2 are super – please keep producing more as they keep the children off all the ‘not quite so educational games’ that you find on the internet.”
– Penelope Toyne-Bridges, Parent

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