The Down Under Collection DeluxeAll Ages

Images specifically designed for Australian school needs!

The Down Under Collection Deluxe Deluxe is made by Australians for the Australian education community. Extensive consultation with teachers and curriculum experts has ensured that images are relevant and complement the curricula used in Australian schools.

Over 1500 Australian images in full colour and black & white are sorted into 50 easy-to-use categories such as junior primary, science, transport and Australian wildlife, Australian culture and Australian history.

It’s the standard educational image source for thousands of Australian schools and homes!


Download the free image samples for a glimpse into the many and varied illustrations available in The Down Under Collection Deluxe.

Over 1500 Australian images, in full colour and black & white are sorted into 50 easy-to-use categories such as junior primary, science, transport, Australian wildlife, culture and history.

Clip Art Use

Clip art images are files which do not do anything by themselves but must be opened by or placed in a document by an application.

Image Size & Quality
 Black & white (GIF file) images will print with crisp, clear detail up to A4 size (average image size is around 5 megapixels). Colour images are in JPEG and GIF file format and are optimised for screen and inkjet printers (average size 300,000 pixels).

Desktop Publishing & Printing

Use The Down Under Collection with software capable of importing images – desktop publishing software such as InDesign, Quark Xpress, ClarisWorks, Office, Photoshop, Print Artist or Publisher.*

Mulitmedia Presentations 
Use The Down Under Collection with multimedia authoring software capable of importing images, such as PowerPoint, HyperStudio, Director or Authorware.*

Webpage design 
Use The Down Under Collection with web authoring software such as Dreamweaver, Pagemill, GoLive, Visual Page or Splash.*

*Product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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