Big Plans for EdAlive Central!


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About EdAlive Central

EdAlive Central is a ground-breaking system that simplifies access for students and teachers and unifies the EdAlive suite of online learning web apps. EdAlive Central provisions and powers these services with innovative solutions that make learning fun and easy. Its integrated design makes it easy for teachers to use and saves schools and parents time and money.

Progress to date

The smash hit Typing Tournament Online has already become a favourite in thousands of Aussie schools. The recently released Maths Invaders Online is proving very popular with schools and usage is growing healthily.

Coming soon

Our Development team is currently working hard away bringing further titles to EdAlive Central including upgrading other award winning titles such as Words Rock, Baggin’ the Dragon Maths and Spelling Force. We are working hard to bring over a new reading and comprehension program, using the similar faces you know and love (shhhh, its a surprise!). Look out for further details in the future to find out more!

Our vision

We plan to integrate our web-based learning apps to create one of the world’s premier online education services. We want kids to be so engaged with the programs that they don’t even know that they are learning. We want teachers to be able to save time and achieve great learning outcomes for the students with the minimum of effort. We want parents to be confident that when their child is using an EdAlive Central web app that they are using the very best!

Innovation that facilitates learning

The EdAlive Central system enables parents, teachers and students to use our powerful titles with ease. The core capabilities that enable this are:

  • SSO (Single Sign On) – only one account for each student and one set of sign-in credentials. Learn more
  • Powerful Comprehensive Class Management – Teachers only have to learn how to use it once for one of the EdAlive web apps and then use it for all of the other EdAlive web apps apps. Learn more
  • Multiplayer Interactive Games – Using the latest in online gaming technology we have created a truly interactive engine that powers our multiplayer games and uniquely engages students. Learn more
  • Individualised instruction – All EdAlive titles are built on the premise that students learn best when the work presented is targeted to their learning needs. Learn more
  • Adaptive Learning – Automatically adapts the learning content being presented to the student to match their learning needs. Learn more
  • Curriculum Correlations – A wide range of local curricula have been directly encapsulated within EdAlive Central allowing the correlation of work completed in the various web apps. Learn more
  • Works on All Devices – Type on any device, anywhere, anytime. Fully HTML – No Flash. Learn more
  • 3rd Party Offerings – 3rd party developers may apply to EdAlive to have their products integrated with the EdAlive Central class management and SSO capabilities. EdAlive Central also profiles a growing range of 3rd party materials designed to support the teaching of ICT and related subjects. Learn more


Imagine for a minute a fully interactive educational game where students can engage with each other in the strategy and play. At the same time the system will automatically choose new questions to present to them based on their work so far. Each answer is logged and correlated against their local curriculum and available for report creation and remediation. This reality will shortly come to pass with the implementation of the interactive game in Maths Invaders Online. Truly ground breaking!

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