Adaptive Learning

The EdAlive Central Adaptive Learning System automatically creates optimised learning pathways for each child without the intervention of a parent or teacher. It dynamically adjusts to the learning needs of each individual automatically optimising the activities presented category by category and subject by subject.

  • The EdAlive Central Adaptive Learning System frees teachers and parents from the tedium of analysing children’s responses and manually creating learning sequences. It acts as an intelligent, dedicated tutor, continually monitoring and guiding each child.
  • Teachers can set up an entire class in a matter of moments and be confident that each child is progressing at their optimal rate
  • Liberatingly simple to use

The first iteration of our Adaptive Learning System was implemented in the ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning

Mastery-driven self levelling

Some EdAlive products use a mastery-driven self-levelling architecture to manage the progression of students through the learning matrix.

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