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Boost your spelling power

Ages 5 – 15+

Spelling Force features over 9,000 spelling words and loads of motivational fun. Each word has an example sentence, common misspellings to watch out for and a clear Australian voice recording PLUS four spelling games, printable worksheets, Look! Cover! Write! Check! and more! This is extreme spelling action! Motivates and challenges spellers of all ages and abilities!

The new online edition

We’ll port the original game across to the EdAlive Central system with all the power of the Class Management and SSO systems. We’ll create a new game scenario for use in the advanced Multiplayer Interactive Game environment. The educational content will be individualised. The new web app will be completely of Flash and work on all devices.

The complete spelling tutor for home and school!

At the core of Spelling Force is a series of comprehensive spelling lists built from the overall tally of 9,000+ words. The lists include:

  • Graded Word List – contains a total of 4,500 words arranged in a carefully-graded teaching order
  • DEM (Dorothy E. Miller) Phonics List – 2,300 words in a carefully-crafted phonic progression
  • Word Building List – 1,790 words arranged into lists of word-building families
  • Word Group List – over 2,500 words arranged in thematic order
  • Frequency List – the 500 most frequently used words in decreasing order of usage
  • Difficult Words List – 600 words that many people find difficult to spell
  • Main List – all available words making a total of 9,000+
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