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Mastering the world of numbers!

Ages 5 – 15+

Over 7,700 Educational Activities embedded in a highly engaging game that comprehensively cover: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, and Numeration

The new online edition

We’ll port the original game across to the EdAlive Central system with all the power of the Class Management and SSO systems. We’ll then use our advanced Multiplayer Interactive Game environment to create an even better, faster version of the Volcanic Panic game. The educational content will be individualised and delivered through our Adaptive Learning System and be fully curriculum correlated. The new web app will be completely of Flash and work on all devices.

Let the maths fun begin!

  • Players will be able to work independently OR with others using the unique multiplayer mode: up to four players of diverse abilities able to set their own maths level and compete with an equal chance of winning.
  • Each player will compete at their own maths level, so every player will have a real chance of winning! Match 6-year-old Tina’s tables against Peter’s proportion and Dad’s decimals!
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