EdAlive Company Profile

EdAlive is one of Australia’s leading publishers of online learning systems with a history of innovation and service stretching back to 1987. EdAlive is based in Armidale NSW.


Commencing in 1987 the operation was known as New Horizons Educational Computing services. New Horizons was the preeminent supplier of educational software to Australian schools from 1987 to 2010. Building from this vast experience in the software market we then formed EdAlive to operate as a publisher of educational software for home and school use. EdAlive grew to become the most successful publisher of educational software in Australia shipping over 1,000,000 CDs across 80 titles, being in use in over 20,000 schools and winning over 60 major awards and endorsements.

In 2011 EdAlive published our first online learning system: ZooWhiz (www.zoowhiz.com) which serviced over 1,000 Australian schools. ZooWhiz was decommissioned in February 2021 due to the end-of-life issues associated with Flash.

In 2016 we published our first HTML based online learning website:

Typing Tournament Online www.typingtournament.com which has been followed in 2018 by

Maths Invaders Online www.mathsinvaders.com and in 2020 by

Words Rock Online, www.wordsrock.com.au;

Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online, www.bagginthedragon.com;

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online ​www.volcanicpanic.com.au.

These modern HTML based online learning websites incorporate adaptive learning systems, curriculum correlations, SSO and advanced eSafety and security design.


Commencing as New Horizons Educational Computing Services

EdAlive commenced in 1987 as a reseller of educational software to Australian schools. The initial enterprise was known as New Horizons. Starting as a small home business it rapidly grew and in 1988 moved to Armidale NSW where it has remained to this day. New Horizons become the largest supplier of educational software to Australian schools nationally and regularly serviced over 5,000 schools. It also published the quarterly New Horizons which had a circulation of 20,000 copies distributed to Australian Educators.


Over the years as a reseller of others software, we observed that few of the thousands of titles produced globally were truly educational, motivating or engaging. Experience and knowledge gained from testing and reviewing countless educational and ‘edutainment’ titles, ongoing liaison with schools globally, and a growing in-house team (programming, graphic design, databasing and writing skills) gave rise to the skills and confidence for us to publish ourselves. In the years following EdAlive grew to become the leading Australian CD based publisher of educational software. EdAlive published over 80 CD based titles that were used in over 20,000 schools across Australia and around the world. Over 1,000,000 CDs were shipped to families for use with their children. These CD titles won over 60 major awards and endorsements.


ZooWhiz www.zoowhiz.com

ZooWhiz was our first online learning website and incorporated over 17,000 learning Activities covering maths, words skills and reading for children aged 4 – 15. The learning was embedded in a motivational environment styled around a zoo theme. Its powerful capabilities enabled one-to-one curriculum correlations with multiple curricula and allowed reporting by specific curricula outcomes. The embedded Adaptive Learning System allowed children to automatically progress on multiple learning strands concurrently. Unfortunately ZooWhiz was created using Flash based technology consequently we decommissioned in February 2021. During its operation it services hundreds of thousands of students in Australia and around the world.


Typing Tournament Online is a highly innovative typing program and a world first enabling real time, online typing tuition for PC, Mac, Surface tablets, Android and iOS devices in the one system without installed software. It is fully delivered using cutting edge HTML5 technology and operates in all modern browsers independent of device. It solves the problems arising from the use of nonstandard onscreen keyboards by mobile computing devices and has fully featured school management making it suitable for home, business and school use. It meets all USA typing tuition requirements and is based on the multi award winning EdAlive CD product of the same name.


Building on the all-new HTML based management system from Typing Tournament we modularised the critical administrative functions to create EdAlive Central. This ground-breaking modular system enables the provision of services from the EdAlive Central to our growing range of online learning apps.


Maths Invaders Online is built on the rich, multi-award-winning pedigree of the original Maths Invaders CD Edition. It has been upgraded and transformed to create a hugely powerful and maths mastery learning system! It is fully integrated with EdAlive Central


These three websites are built on the rich, multi-award-winning pedigree of the original Words Rock, Baggin the Dragon, Volcanic Panic, and BRAINtastic Reading Success CD Editions. They have been upgraded and transformed to create new websites! They are fully integrated with EdAlive Central.

Australian Owned and Operated

EdAlive Central – Australian owned and operated

EdAlive has been serving the Australian educational community since 1987. The EdAlive publishing enterprise grew out of the original educational software supply operation, “New Horizons”. EdAlive is a trading name of Erinzan Pty Ltd which is a fully Australian family owned and operation. EdAlive is based in Armidale, country NSW.