EdAlive Online Learning websites – System requirements and trouble shooting

EC Wheel PubWhen using any of the EdAlive Online Learning websites it is important to understand that there are two parts to its operation.

Part 1: EdAlive Central

EdAlive Central (central.edalive.com) enables all of the EdAlive Online Learning websites. Once Student, Class and Teacher details are entered into EdAlive Central they are accessible to all of the EdAlive Online Learning websites (Web Apps).

EdAlive Central System Requirements

Covers hardware; browsers; browser set up and common trouble shooting

EdAlive Central Whitelisting

Specifies the urls that will need to be whitelisted for access at your school for the EdAlive Central system to operate.

Part 2: The EdAlive Online Learning website

Each of the EdAlive Online Learning websites accesses the resources from EdAlive Central. The following links will take you to the specific information for each.

  • Typing Tournament Online Technical Requirements
  • Maths Invaders Online Technical Requirements
  • Words Rock Online Technical Requirements
  • Baggin the Dragon Maths Online Technical Requirements
  • Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online Technical Requirements


See the “Common Trouble Shooting” entry in: EdAlive Central System Requirements.

If you are having difficulties try this first

Any difficulties with the operation of the websites are most commonly caused by incorrect settings on your web browser or the blocking of some of the web services required for the websites to operate.

Still doesn’t work?

It can also be that access to a particular web service has been block or has not yet been authorised (whitelisted) at a systemic or state level. To facilitate the unblocking of our services at this level you will need to refer the matter to your IT administrator or to the relevant state or systemic service that deals with these issues.

Have a chat Iconhelp.edalive.com

The EdAlive Central Help Centre has a host of detailed support materials to guide you through the set-up and operation of the EdAlive websites.

  • Searchable database
  • Training Videos
  • Printable PDF Manuals and Guides