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Dear Friend,

You will have come to this web page by invitation as someone who may be able to help others during the COVID-19 crisis by experiencing some of the EdAlive Central online learning websites with your children.

The EdAlive Central suite of online learning websites is carefully crafted to help kids learn at home and at school. By sharing your experience and the benefit that these wonderful websites have on your children, you’ll enrich the educational experience of many students during this critical time.

You will also assist us as a small, family-owned Aussie business, to be able to get the word out about these fun and engaging e-learning websites.

Whether you are able to help out a little or a lot we really appreciate your assistance.

Kind regards,

Graham East
Managing Director EdAlive


How you can help!

We are offering 14 days of FREE usage so that you and your family can have the chance to really get to know the EdAlive apps.


Typing Tournament Online = TTO-STW-14    use here

Maths Invaders Online = MIO-STW-14    use here

Words Rock Online = WRO-STW-14    use here

After this time, we would love for you to write and send us an honest review. No matter whether your experiences are positive or negative, we want to know!

  • Reviews should be at least 250 words, but lengthier is welcome if you feel so inclined.
  • You can also include photos or videos if you’d like.

Submit via email to

THEN, to thank you for your effort, we will send you a voucher for SIX-MONTHS FREE access to the website that you chose to review.


If writing a review doesn’t appeal to you, we would still encourage you to please try any of the following:

  • Use the EdAlive Central online learning websites with your children as they work at home.
  • Share your experiences through your social media channels by blogging, Facebooking, Instagramming, and so on, tagging @EdAlive or #EdAlive wherever possible.
  • Send this page and the introductory voucher above with other families you know that may benefit from this support with their children’s education – we’d love to get their feedback too!
  • Let us know about how we can continue to improve our apps and websites by sending us your comments and suggestions.


Creative options that you could share:

  • A diary of daily achievements.
    • The kids could document details of something new that they learned and what was the most fun each day.
    • Even Mum or Dad could add their thoughts about how they feel the kids are interacting with the process!
  • A video showing how to use some aspect of one of the websites.
    • Previously, children have found this a fun task and have done a great job of creating videos for other kids to watch.
  • Comments from your kids about what they are learning
  • Photos of your children holding their printed achievement awards – unlocked from within the app levels.
  • Get your child to sing a song or play a musical number about their favourite mini-game or level from an EdAlive website.
  • Encourage your kids to create an artwork of their own version of a character, or even to design a new one for us!
  • Any other innovative way of sharing that comes to mind.


Links to EdAlive Central resources

The following links will take you to the various EdAlive Central websites and resources. There is a host of information accessible via these links that will help you better understand our products.

EdAlive Blogs and Social Media


COVID-19 Specific


EdAlive Central

Connects all EdAlive Online Learning Websites as one powerful, seamless whole
• Simplifies school administration • Incredible value


EdAlive Central online learning websites

A complete, 10-finger typing course • Animated Lessons • Games • Drills • Graded Tests

Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Decimals • Percentages • Numeration • Counting • Squares • Square Roots • Powers • Directed Numbers

Hands-on activities for: Spelling • Grammar • Punctuation • Vocabulary • Pre-Literacy

Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Percentages • Ratio & Proportion • Numeration • Shape • Space • Measurement • Geometry • Data • Statistics • Graphs • Probability • Patterns • Algebra

Phonemes • Phonics • Comprehension • Simple to advanced Texts


Articles and resources


Possible phrases for your post

Each author will come to the task from their own perspective. There is no right way.

Here are some written contributions that talk about the EdAlive Central range of online learning websites. Each author is different, but the theme is the same.

Please feel free to use any of these in conjunction with your own ideas.

Graham East writes:

  • Each of the EdAlive Central web sites acts as an automated tutor that continuously levels the work for your child so that you know that they are always being challenged with educational activities that are just right for them.
  • The EdAlive Adaptive Learning system ensures that your child is always engaging in optimal learning without you having to level the content for them.
  • The fun keeps them engaged the automated system keeps them learning.
  • Focus your family on learning.


Deborah writes:

  • The EdAlive Central online learning websites give you everything you need in a home education package, all in the same place.
  • No need to surf the web looking for separate subjects as the EdAlive Central online learning websites have all the necessary subject areas all in one place.
  • Topics covered include maths spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading and typing skills for children aged 5 – 15 years old.


Flora writes:

  • Recommended by the Home School Review Crew
  • Works with children to help them with their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • The EdAlive series of online learning websites saves you time and money, while still providing a top-notch education at home or on the go!


Samantha writes:

  • Are you struggling to wade through curriculum documents to know how best to teach your children from home? The EdAlive Central series of online learning websites makes it easy!
  • How will I know if my child is learning and progressing? EdAlive has in-built tools and reporting systems that track every lesson your child completes.
  • Do you have children in different grades or at different levels? EdAlive Central’s online learning websites harness powerful and innovative Adaptive Learning systems to automatically create individualised pathways. They take the hard work out of home-schooling!


Kieran writes:

  • Tearing your hair out trying to engage your little terrors? EdAlive Central makes learning fun and will help you wrangle your rascals with minimal effort or supervision!
  • Need a crash course in kids’ curriculum? EdAlive Central has all the resources that you have been looking for, in a simple and easy-to-use format for the whole family.
  • Suddenly found yourself as teacher, deputy and principal of “School á la Dinner Table”? EdAlive will help you host award ceremonies rather than expulsions.
  • Red cordial got your kids running rampant? Keep your cherubs in their chairs with EdAlive’s Educational Online Learning websites. They’re bright, fun and engaging and will keep the kids quiet for hours on end. Shhh… the best part is that they’re learning and won’t even know it.


Hayley writes:

  • Need a place to find everything that your kiddlets need to keep their little brains active and out of your hair? EdAlive is the place to call.
  • Screen time that can not only keep kids quiet but also keeps their little brains active! Is this even possible? It sure is! The team at EdAlive has made it work. Maths, Reading, Typing, English and more!


However appeals the most, we look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you enjoy all that EdAlive Central has to offer.