Expanded, authoritative, fully revised, technically enhanced

Aussie School Fonts Plus is the new, expanded, complete handwriting suite for all Australian schools that faithfully accords with each State’s requirements. Its simple, dynamic use of our SmartLink™ Logic allows teachers to create and edit any type-based material live and on the fly in the handwriting font of their choice. Aussie School Fonts Plus sets teachers and kids free to write right now! It’s fontastic!

A compilation of 248 dynamic OpenType fonts aligned to the standards for all 8 Australian states and territories covering Print, PreCursive, Cursive, & Speed Loops writing styles with Solid, Outline, Dashed, Arrow and Guideline variants
Vastly superior to every other school font ever published including the previous standard, our own 20-year-old Aussie School Fonts Deluxe

The essential tool for teachers

Using Aussie School Fonts Plus teachers can quickly and easily create their own handwriting material in the designated font for their state in print, pre-cursive, cursive or speed loop variants.

Simple but powerful to use
Create and edit in a flash

Aussie School Fonts Plus allows you to edit your creations instantaneously. It seems incredible but when using the cursive and speed loops fonts the forms of the letters and joins adjust in front of your eyes as you edit your work. You can delete or add letters to work, copy and paste, spell check and even apply outline, guideline or arrowed variants of the font. It is truly incredible!


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