• Enriches understanding and teaches key skills in maths, English, spelling, reading and science
  • Friendly characters guide your progress and give timely advice with quirky humour
  • A comprehensive range of progressive, age-appropriate lessons and activities
  • Designed by experienced teachers using the recognised educational progressions that underpin the curricula
  • Monitors progress to allow targeting of individual needs for extension and revision
  • Contains printable progress reports, lessons and certificates of achievement
  • Features a cool range of engaging single/multiplayer games!
  • Each title works together with the rest of the series to provide an integrated, progressive learning system
  • Delivers an exceptional cross-curricular learning experience!
  • Caters for all learning styles with an exceptionally diverse range of activities
  • Perfect for use in both the home and classroom!

Level K – Ages 4-5

96 Fun Lessons: Numbers 1 to 10; Temperature; Time; Shapes; Length; Position; Symmetry; Numeration; The Alphabet; Early Reading; Sentences; Sequencing; Science and much more…

Level 1 – Ages 5-6

80 Fun Lessons: Knowing Your Numbers; Days of the Week; Reading; Comprehension; Writing; Spelling and more…

Level 2 – Ages 6-7

86 Fun Lessons: Understanding Reading; Comprehension; Research; Word Building; Spelling; Punctuation and much more…

Level 3 – Ages 7-8

105 Fun Lessons: Time; Comprehension; Vocabulary; Punctuation; Grammar and much more…

Level 4 Ages 8-9

114 Fun Lessons: Time; Money; Reading; Comprehension; Research; Vocabulary; Writing; Grammar and much more…

Level 5 Ages 9-10

99 Fun Lessons: Word Search; Spelling Board Game and Spelling Test; Reading; Comprehension; Spelling; Proof Reading; Science and much more..

Level 6 Ages 10-11

97 Fun Lessons: Look-Cover-Type-Check; Spelling Test; Reading Skills; Exercises; Vocabulary; Sentence Building; Spelling; Grammar; Proof Reading and much more..

The Computer Classroom Value Bundle – All 7 Titles Ages 4-11

All 770 lessons in one bundle that will grow with your child or work for all the children in your family..

Customer Reviews
Student Reviews
“I liked the game because the questions were good.” – Helen, Aged 5 Year 1

“It’s fun, it’s really good to play, it’s easy to understand, it’s cool.” – Jordan, Aged 10 Year 6

Teacher Reviews
“The software is getting better and better. The staff and kids are impressed.” – Eileen Crowley

Parent Reviews
“What a brilliant CD. All our kids love it! Congratulations. They’re learning heaps!” – Patricia Hanson, Parent

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