Spelling Force - Boost your spelling power. Ages 5-15+. May the SpellForce be with you!


Over 9,000 Words In Progressive Lists
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  • Draws from a huge 9,000+ word bank graded by experi- enced teachers
  • Word lists include phonic progressions, difficult words, high frequency words, word-building families, subject-specific vocabulary, homonyms and word origins!
  • Each word is used in the context of an example sentence, has common misspellings to watch out for, and includes a clear voice recording


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  • BESSIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Spelling Software
  • EDDIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Language Software
  • Children’s Technology Review – Editor’s Choice
Educational Approach
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  • Develops mature spelling skills by exploring spelling patterns and rules
  • Learners progress from beginning foundations with words like ‘cat’ and ‘sat’ through to challenges like ‘xenophobia’ and ‘hypoglycaemia’
  • Addresses all spelling outcomes contained in the curricula for your child’s school.
Look, Cover, Write, Check Module
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  • This module displays the spelling word on screen while the child “looks” at it. The word is then “covered” while the child “writes” the word by typing it from memory. Once complete the typing is “checked” for correctness with an on-screen animation. The child’s typing is then compared with the original word
  • Parents and teachers can vary the amount of time the word displays
  • You can set whether the child or the computer “checks” the correctness of the spelling


Advanced Features
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  • Flexible game-play options cater to all ability levels and progress beginning, emerging, struggling and power spellers by selecting spelling content appropriate to their age and stage
  • Target individual needs and design extension and revision programmes using the smart record keeping and progress-monitoring
  • Assist struggling spellers by giving them words appropriate to their level
  • Create custom word lists including weekly school spelling lists. Users can keep multiple lists in their name for access at a later date
  • Generate a ‘words for practice’ list for each user
    according to progress
  • Teach spelling using the Look! Cover! Write! Check! method
  • Print spelling lists or copy them to your word proc- essor from your own or the in-built spelling lists
  • Monitor each student’s progress using smart record-keeping to allow targeting of individual needs for extension and revision
  • Create up to seven different types of printable worksheets from your spelling lists



Student Reviews
“I’m a really good speller and I use Aussie SpellForce for practice. My little sisters use it for homework and for practice. My favourite game is Magno-Beamer because of some of the longer, harder words – it gets very tricky!” – Chris, aged 11
“I love Aussie SpellForce because I can learn how to spell difficult words like ‘concentrated’ and ‘receipt’. I like to spell so I can be a great speller. Thanks to you, EdAlive, I’m beginning to be a be a good speller.” – Jessica, aged 17
“I like Aussie SpellForce because it helps me to learn how to spell words – it’s easy once you play it right! I like the submarine mission because it makes buzzing noises. I think this is the best game yet. It’s fun – sometimes I don’t know I’m doing work it’s so fun!” – Kaitlynn, aged 9
“My teacher asked me to play Aussie SpellForce and it was really fun! Launchpad Panic, Major Meltdown and Magno-Beamer were all great.” – Methuen, aged 8
“Aussie SpellForce is great. I am a really good speller thanks to you!” – Keiron, aged 14Parent Reviews
“It is good to be able to buy an educationally sound program that will suit all the children throughout their schooling. The games are fun and adaptable for all age groups … a simple fun approach to spelling lists and a great family price.” – Kerry Behrend, mother of 5

Multi-award Winning, Premium Quality Educational Software

  • BESSIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Math Software
  • EDDIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Math Software
  • AIIA Awards – Education and Training

Matched to the School Curriculum to Meet Key Learning Outcomes

  • EdAlive software is used by teachers in real-world classrooms everyday in over 10,000 schools across Australia, New Zealand and around the world
  • Fully curriculum correlated for Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and USA.

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