Typing Tournament - Teaches typing for life. Ages 6-Adult. Let the tournament begin!

A Typing Adventure

Collect rewards and tokens as you journey from the Dragon’s Cave to the Throne Room. Each location presents four new keys with a lesson, demonstration, practice drills, three action-packed typing games and a progress test. Only you can rid the land of the Dark Typist’s tyranny!


  • 3 great typing games
  • Simple instructions
  • Only four new keys per lesson
  • Practice sessions and skill builders
  • Track up to 10 users
  • Detailed user statistics
  • Extensive record keeping to monitor progress
  • Simple, kid-friendly animated interface
  • Animations show correct finger positions

Typing Content

  • Interesting texts boost motivation
  • Covers all letters of the alphabet, basic punctuation and numbers
  • Wide range of drills, lessons and tests
  • Practise home row key paths, vertical key paths and common letter combinations
  • Choose an overall words-per-minute typing target
  • Change your speed target if things are too easy or they get too tricky
  • Test yourself to determine your starting level

Multiple Progression Model

Typing Tournament reinforces keyboard familiarity and strengthens muscle memory with the Multiple Progressions Model, a unique model for teaching typing specially designed to break the negative learning cycle and give users maximum flexibility in establishing and reaching their typing goals. This enables players to continually improve as complexity increases.

Customer Reviews

Typing Tournament provides children with a fun environment to practise, drill and test their skill at touch typing. Parents liked the manner in which the student is challenged and were impressed with the results.”– The National Parenting Center Reviewers

“Terrific graphics design sets this new EdAlive title apart from all others. Featuring a medieval theme, Typing Tournament takes beginning typists, as well as more experienced users, from basic Home Row instruction to Expert, and anywhere in-between. Users are frequently rewarded with entertaining ‘practice’ games and printable Achievement Certificates. This version also includes an Admin section for teachers to manage groups, or print group results, and is fully network capable. Typing Tournament is extremely flexible, while offering many features, such as a colour-coded keyboard, animated demonstrations, and visual prompts. It combines keys in multiple lessons (vertical key paths, and common English letter strings, as well as home row). Games, drills and tests integrate content in every lesson, and there are 16 distinct sets. The patient, well-timed explanations and demonstrations are clear and easy to follow, and the program is a winner with kids!”– ComputEd Gazette Reviewers

Student Reviews
Typing Tournament is awesome! I learnt to type properly within two days of getting it! I can do 65 words-per-minute with 99.8% accuracy. It’s really fun!” – Elizabeth, aged 11

Parent Reviews
“I am a total novice typist (search and destroy type!), but am enjoying Typing Tournament – I seem to be getting the hang of it quite quickly. I have successfully completed two levels so far and it has been fun and easy to work through. Keep up the good work.” – Delia, Parent


Target Your Child’s Individual Learning Needs from 5 to 15+

Multi-award Winning, Premium Quality Educational Software

  • BESSIE Awards – Best Typing Software
  • EDDIE Awards – Best Typing Software
  • National Parenting Center – Seal of Approval
  • ATOM Awards – Best Training Resource

Matched to the School Curriculum to Meet Key Learning Outcomes

  • EdAlive software is used by teachers in real-world classrooms everyday in over 10,000 schools across Australia, New Zealand and around the world
  • Fully curriculum correlated for Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and USA.

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