Numbers Up! Baggin' the Dragon - Mastering the Maths of Everyday Living. Ages 5-15+. Fire up your skills!
• Play independently OR with others using the unique multi-playermode: up to four players of diverse abilities can set their own level and compete with an equal chanceof winning. Let the fun begin!

• Each of the players competes at their own literacy level, so everyone has a real chanceof winning. Pit Grandma’s grammar against 6 year-old Vanessa’s vocab and 15 year-old Sam’s spelling! Elements of chanceand strategy mean anyone can win

• Buy cool gadgets to do sneaky things to each other, like searching five squares at once with the Scatter Search gadget, or grabbing a Res tricted Zone gadget to make other players keep their distance.

• Grows spelling skills by exploring the building blocks of words

• Grows word power (including idioms, clichés, word roots, borrowings from other languages, archaic expressions, alliteration, connectives, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, onomatopoeia, collective nouns, metaphors, similes, puns, tautology, irony and hyperbole)

• Grows grammar & punctuation know-how

• Wide range of content from pre-literacy activities for young learners to advanced activities difficult enough to challenge adults

Multi-award Winning, Premium Quality Educational Software

  • BESSIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Math Software
  • National Parenting Center – Seal of Approval
  • AIIA Awards – Educationand Training
  • EDDIE Awards – Early Elementary Language
  • BESSIE Awards – Middle School Language Arts

Matched to the School Curriculum to Meet Key Learning Outcomes

  • Uses a carefully crafted progression of activities to develop word power, spelling skills and punctuation know-how, and delves into the nitty-gritty of how to grow word-smart kids.
  • New concepts are introduced gradually, extending students at their own pace.
  • Students choose an appropriate starting level and then advance at their own pace through over 3,200 activities across 16 progressive levels to build solid literacy foundations

EdAlive software is used by teachers in real-world classrooms everyday in over 10,000 schools across Australia, New Zealand and around the world

Fully curriculum correlated for Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and USA.

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