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EdAlive Central LogoSSO (Single Sign On)

EdAlive Central creates one record for each student with a user name and password. Students can use this one set of credentials to sign into any licensed EdAlive web app linked to EdAlive Central.

  • Integrates with Office 365/Azure, Google, Facebook and SAML Single Sign On systems
  • Home and School users can register and sign in using their linked Google or Facebook account
  • Instant Class Linking uses a Class Code to quickly link children to their classes
  • Greatly simplifies the administration of EdAlive titles within a school

EdAlive Central wheel

Comprehensive Class Management

The EdAlive Central Class Management system has been developed over many years to give teachers ultimate control over the creation of student records, the make-up of classes and their allocation to teachers.

  • Real-time data updates for enhanced student tracking
  • Easily move students to other classes
  • Unique User ID to save record duplication
  • Smart import of class lists and students

EdAlive Interactive Multiplayer Game Engine

A world leader!

Our development team is currently putting the finishing touches to our interactive online gaming engine that will power the new multi-player game in Maths Invaders Online. We hope to release “Maths Invaders Go!” by the end of October.

There are plenty of racing games were students try to cross the finish line first by completing educational content, but the EdAlive Central Interactive Multiplayer Game engine breaks new ground in the way it combines the dimensions of multiplayer engagement, adaptive learning and high curriculum correlation.

We can’t wait to see it in action! Sorry – we are currently drawing the artwork, so we can’t show you what it looks like.

Single and Multiplayer game icon

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Up to 4 players
  • Highly engaging
  • Fully interactive (your actions affect the other players)
  • Play against computer or other students selected from your class, or the world
  • Uses the latest in real time communication in the form of web sockets
  • Virtually instantly responsive
  • Innovate turn based design that maximises the time doing educational content and minimises waiting time for other players
  • Educational content will be curated to ensure that players are always focused on completing activates that are appropriate for them

The Future

This new Interactive Multiplayer Game engine will then be adapted to power online versions of Words Rock, Numbers Up Volcanic Panic and Baggin the Dragon. These titles were smash hits as CD products and will really come to life when they go online.

Baggin' the Dragon - Numbers Up

Individualised Instruction

For students to learn effectively it is essential that the material they are being presented with matches their learning needs. EdAlive Central supports the EdAlive Online Learning Apps to create individualised learning pathways for each student.

  • Enables each student to progress at their own pace
  • Enables teachers and students to choose the number content to be practised and then allows for repetition until mastery is achieved
  • Enables students to focus on areas needing attention or extension by selecting the same topic at a lower or higher level
  • Extends the gifted and supports those for whom learning maths is a struggle

Adaptive Learning

The EdAlive Central Adaptive Learning System automatically creates optimised learning pathways for each child without the intervention of a parent or teacher. It dynamically adjusts to the learning needs of each individual automatically optimising the activities presented category by category and subject by subject.

  • The EdAlive Central Adaptive Learning System frees teachers and parents from the tedium of analysing children’s responses and manually creating learning sequences. It acts as an intelligent, dedicated tutor, continually monitoring and guiding each child.
  • Teachers can set up an entire class in a matter of moments and be confident that each child is progressing at their optimal rate
  • Liberatingly simple to use

The first iteration of our Adaptive Learning System was implemented in the ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning.

ZooWhiz group of animals

Curriculum Correlations

A wide range of local curricula have been directly encapsulated within EdAlive Central. Each learning outcome in the curricula has been entered individually making it possible to correlate these outcomes with the progress of each student. Depending on the needs of the liked EdAlive Web App the system allows for:

  • Direct one-to-one, activity-to-outcome links between all content and the local curricula
  • The generation of reports by learning outcomes
  • The selection of activities by learning outcomes

Show Curriculum Outcomes

Works on All Devices

EdAlive Central and the related EdAlive Web Apps have been created using the very latest technology. They are delivered via HTML to the web browser making them fully device independent.

  • Works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Surface Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks and other Android tablets
  • Contains no Flash
  • Access from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Unlimited Access 24/7 wherever there is an internet connection
  • Fully web delivered removing the need to install an app on iPads or Android devices

EdAlive Online Learning websites work on any device, anywhere anytime.

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