Our history

1987: Our beginnings in Adelaide, South Australia

Graham East, primary teacher and computing enthusiast, answered an increasing demand for quality educational software. Teachers were seeking to harness new and rapidly-developing computer technology in the classroom. New Horizons Educational Computing was founded to source educational software from around the world and act as an expert conduit between the software marketplace and schools.

1989: Move to Armidale NSW

We moved to Armidale, NSW the home of the university of New England and a great place to live. The company moved and expanded to include experienced, IT-savvy teachers, becoming a formidable pool of education and computing knowledge. This team has advised the education community for almost two decades.

2000: EdAlive the software publisher is created

Over the years, we observed that few of the thousands of software titles produced globally were truly educational, motivating or engaging. Experience and knowledge gained from testing and reviewing countless educational and ‘edutainment’ software, ongoing liaison with schools globally, and a growing in-house team (programming, graphic design, databasing and writing skills) gave rise to the skills and confidence for us to publish ourselves. Since then we have consistently invested in creating the highest quality product possible and the results speak for themselves! We now have a range of over 80 titles adapted to the curricula around the world!

2009/10: upgrade of our Premium range to v2

We upgraded many features within our premium products. At a programming level we renewed the computer code to ensure that they will work with current and future operating systems. We also made them more fun for kids and added some great features for parents and teachers. One of the most important enhancements being the introduction of Integrated User Lists which allow the entry of one record for each child in a school for access by other titles in our premium range.

2010/11: Introduction of Electronic Software Download (ESD)

From late 2011, clients have been able to purchase EdAlive titles by ESD from this web site.

2011: ZooWhiz www.zoowhiz.com

The ZooWhiz educational website is an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) that administers over 17,000 learning Activities (25,000 with country based variants) covering maths, words skills and reading for children aged 4 – 15. The learning is embedded in a motivational environment styled around a zoo theme. The zoo is highly engaging and motivational for children, so that it is fun for the children to learn.

The innovative structure of ZooWhiz sets it apart from all other Learning Management Systems. Its powerful capabilities enable one-to-one curriculum correlations with multiple curricula allowing advanced reporting by specific curricula outcomes. The embedded Adaptive Learning System allows children to automatically progress on multiple learning strands concurrently and frees teachers and parents from the tedium of monitoring and adjusting progress. ll this is enfolded in the highly motivational zoo game scenario delivers a sophisticated Learning Management System currently without equal for its capacity and simplicity.

2014/15 Aussie School Fonts Plus

Aussie School Fonts Plus is a complete update of our previously published Aussie School Fonts Deluxe was fully revised and updated for modern operating systems and with the addition of our unique Smart Link Logic. The resultant application is powerful, quick and easy to use. It is the complete handwriting suite for all Australian schools that faithfully accords with each Australian State’s requirements.

With Aussie School Fonts Plus we turned the handwriting guides designed for children to write easily and fluently with pens and pencils into a computer fonts cognisant of the nuances of the handwriting style.

2016/17: Typing Tournament Online www.typingtournament.com

Typing Tournament Online is a highly innovative typing program and a world first enabling real time, online typing tuition for PC, Mac, Surface tablets, Android and iOS devices in the one system without installed software. It is fully delivered using cutting edge HTML5 technology and operates in all modern browsers independent of device. It solves the problems arising from the use of nonstandard onscreen keyboards by mobile computing devices and has fully featured school management making it suitable for home, business and school use. It meets all USA typing tuition requirements and is based on the multi award winning EdAlive CD product of the same name.

2018: EdAlive Central www.edalivecentral.com

Building on the all new HTML based management system from Typing Tournament we modularised the critical administrative functions to create EdAlive Central. This ground breaking modular system enables the provision of services from the EdAlive Central to our growing range of online learning apps. EdAlive Central is the ground-breaking system that unites the EdAlive web apps into one seamless whole:

  • One set of students and classes for your school
  • One (Single) Sign On for each student
  • One administration account
  • One set of innovative capabilities that power the connected EdAlive Web Apps

The power and simplicity of EdAlive Central puts teachers in control and makes it easy for students to sign in and use the whole suite.

2018: Maths Invaders Online www.mathsinvaders.com

The new Maths Invaders Online is built on the rich, multi-award-winning pedigree of the original Maths Invaders CD Edition. It has been upgraded and transformed to create a hugely powerful and maths mastery learning system! I tis fully integrated with EdAlive Central

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