What parents are saying

Unprompted comments from parents

Kids learn while they play games. They don’t have to be pushed to use the programs.

John Morris – Parent

Best thing I like about EdAlive software is that Makenzie loves playing it and in a short time has learnt so much from it.
Michelle White – Parent

It’s definitely fun and they love to use it! WINNER!
Jennifer Jeffries – Parent

By the way, fantastic programs. The kids and myself and my husband have a weekly games day when we compete each other and they have so much fun.
Tammy Balsillie – Parent

Great product, great price and terrific deal for school!!! Keep up the good work!!!.
Juanita – Parent

I recently purchased Numbers Up, Maths Invaders, Words Rock and Aussie Spellforce and I love them. They are such great value for money and my three children just love them. They are so much fun that the kids don’t realise that they are also educational. I can now help my children without having to break the budget. Well done, thanks.
Sharon – Parent

Our daughter enjoys using EdAlive software and learning and improving her maths skills at the same time.
V. Hall – Parent

The kids love the games element of EdAlive software. They are entertaining as well as educational.
A. Leslie – Parent

EdAlive software is fun to play and they are learning as well.
W. Ismail – Parent

EdAlive software is recommended. Child enjoys it.
L. Hawson – Parent

EdAlive software has Australian content and voices, and it relates to the Australian curriculum.
R. Hill – Parent

For once I don’t have to argue with the kids to do their home work as they love your programs. Both their maths and spelling have improved out of sight. I strongly recommend your programs to every body I speak to. I must say that if home and school are supporting each other it has to be a lot easier on our children.
Jenny – Parent

“I have found all EdAlive products are 95% educational, with non-violent games that my children want to play and play. Even when the slug gets caught in “Words Rock,” they look happy and don’t get squashed. As a parent who is a home tutor, it is hard to get games that are highly educational with enough alluring game aspect to keep the child wanting to play and at the same time learning. EdAlive games are alluring enough to keep the child interested while they are learning core material without the violence

Not only is EdAlive great with the core material but also for using thinking ability and strategy.
I love my EdAlive programs, they are my teacher-aids in a one tutor classroom. EdAlive tutors one child which gives me a chance to work one-on-one with each child. I don’t have to pull my hair out trying to teach two different levels at once. Or for a complete break for the home Tutor, they can learn together with EdAlive for a lesson.
The child’s progress can be checked in the Admin section. This helps to pin point problem areas or if the work is too hard or too easy. Their levels can be changed so the child is working at the appropriate level for their individual needs.
Jane Ware – Home schooling Parent, Australia

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