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Powerful, quick and easy to use

Aussie School Fonts Plus is the complete handwriting suite for all Australian schools that faithfully accords with each Australian State’s requirements.

With Aussie School Fonts Plus we’ve managed to turn handwriting guides designed for children to write easily and fluently with pens and pencils into a computer fonts cognizant of the nuances of the handwriting style! We’ve done all this without modifying the original style to fit our technology. In fact we have formed the technology to mimic the handwriting. Ne easy task but the result we have created is powerful and easy to use.

Makes perfect cursive joins as you type

In addition to the all the printing fonts, Aussie School Fonts Plus uses of our SmartLink™ Logic to enable teachers to create and edit any cursive type-based material live and on the fly in the handwriting font of their choice. This incredible, ingenious innovation makes cursive (running writing) and speed loop styles really easy to replicate on the computer.

Aussie School Fonts Plus sets teachers and kids free to write right now!

Australian States covered:

Powerful features

  • Includes 248 freshly and meticulously updated fonts that accurately conform to the latest style guides from each Australian State and Territory
  • Its simple, dynamic use of our SmartLink™ Logic has allowed us be truer than ever to the published standards!
  • Vastly superior to every other school font ever published including the previous standard, our own 20-year-old Aussie School Fonts Deluxe
  • Unique 70+ character Utility Font that allows teachers to create a variety of blank guideline and slope line teaching materials
  • BOLD versions of all solid fonts
  • Outline, Numbered, Dashed (dotted) versions of all fonts

So simple to use yet so powerful

To use Aussie School Fonts Plus you simply install the set of fonts relevant to your state on your Mac or PC, open your favourite word processor, including Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, select the font variant you want to use and start typing. The magic happens live on screen with each keystroke! SmartLink™ Logic Logic invisibly takes care of the complex matters of selecting the forms of the letters and joins live and on the fly using a library of over 1,800+ logical rules and the hundreds of glyphs (characters)! The result is perfect handwriting that accords with the latest style guides issued by the Department of Education in your State!

Use the fonts with your word processor and other software

Using Aussie School Fonts Plus with your word processor or desktop publishing software is easy. Using with Word and other software

Bonus! Unique Utility Font

Contains a unique utility font with 70+ utility characters that you can use to build a vast variety of guidelines and slope line teaching resources. Here’s a sample of a few of the possibilities. Learn more

Aussie School Fonts Plus makes the impossible possible

Handwriting standards are created to help kids learn to write with fluency and style. As they develop as hand writers, they move from single letters standing by themselves to simple joins and finally to speed loops. This dynamic means that it is impossible to faithfully model handwriting through fonts by simply turning each letter into a character and joining them in a mechanical way in a computer font. Handwriting guides are designed to be easy to write not easy to use on a computer. To reproduce the state-defined handwriting styles in a font is a complex task requiring a solution that adapts to context. Exactly what Aussie School Fonts Plus has done!  

The essential tool for teachers

Using Aussie School Fonts Plus teachers can quickly and easily create their own handwriting material in the designated font for their state in print, pre-cursive, cursive or speed loop variants. Create and edit in a flash Aussie School Fonts Plus allows you to edit your creations instantaneously. It seems incredible but when using the cursive and speed loops fonts the forms of the letters and joins adjust in front of your eyes as you edit your work. You can delete or add letters to work, copy and paste, spell check and even apply outline, guideline or arrowed variants of the font. It is truly incredible!   



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