Ages 5 to 15+

Boost your spelling power

Aussie SpellForce v2, features over 9,000 spelling words and loads of motivational fun. Each word has an example sentence, common misspellings to watch out for and a clear Australian voice recording PLUS four spelling games, printable worksheets, Look! Cover! Write! Check! and more! This is extreme spelling action! Motivates and challenges spellers of all ages and abilities!


The complete spelling tutor for home and school!

  • Fun for all: four distinct game styles ranging from code-breaking to arcade action
  • Word lists include phonics, frequency, word-building, thematic – even word origins and homonyms!
  • Addresses all spelling outcomes contained in the Australian Curriculum
  • Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning

The Scenario

Spell your way out of a nuclear disaster playing awesome spelling games with your chosen word list. The games include:

ksf_magThe Magno-Beamer

Catch all the pieces of the damaged space probe (letters) in the Magno-Beamer, then reassemble them in the correct order! Spelling focus: whole word visualisation

ksf_panLaunchpad Panic

The launch pad shields can only be open for a few minutes at a time. Spell the ignition codes before you’re trapped inside! Spelling focus: letter shapes, word shapes & decoding

ksf_xrayX-Ray Emergency

You’re passing through a freak X-ray storm. When you recognise an energy pod’s code, deactivate it before the core is completely exposed! Spelling focus: word shapes

ksf_meltMajor Meltdown

Open each laser gate with the correctly spelt word, and then use your spelling skills to crack the reactor shutdown code and avoid a meltdown! Spelling focus: proofing

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