Ages 5 to 15+

Master the Maths of Everyday Living!

Over 3,500 Educational Activities that comprehensively cover: Shape, Space, Measurement, Geometry, Data, Statistics, Graphs, Probability, Patterns, Algebra for children Aged 5 – 15+ More about the educational content and curriculum correlations Bag the fire-breathing, medieval dragon and outwit your competitors in this exciting, multi-award winning, single and multiplayer game! Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on each child’s learning needs. With powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities, this curriculum-rich board game adventure will help your children master shape, space, measure, data and algebra skills.

Hone your maths skills to conquer the fiery fiend!

Your village is about to get a visit from the local fire-breathing dragon, who loves to barbecue anything that moves! Complete the activities to earn Courage Swords and with strategy, a bit of luck and a few sneaky gadgets, you’ll earn the right to fight the dragon and save the village … lucky you! Bag the Dragon and boast … or end up as burnt toast!

Let the fun begin

  • Play independently OR with others using the unique multiplayer mode: up to four players of diverse abilities can set their own maths level and compete with an equal chance of winning. Let the fun begin!
  • Each player competes at their own maths level, so every player has a real chance of winning! Match 6-year-old Tony’s time-telling against 9-year-old George’s geometry and Auntie Alice’s algebra!
  • Vary the gameplay to your level and interest by choosing one of the eight medieval graded game boards built around the four environments: Castle, Forest, Tournament and Village
  • Elements of chance and strategy mean any player can win, not just the best mathematician!
  • Use the 10 types of quirky gadgets to your advantage but watch out for other players! Try to pinch other players’ strength, stop them from pinching yours, swap places when they’re in a better position, and more as you conquer the Fiery Felon!
  • Use strategy, skill and sneaky gadgets to win!
  • Make it through to the end to watch the fantastic Reward Movie of the dragon being defeated!

Powerful and feature packed

Numbers Up Volcanic Panic is packed full of powerful features that enable you to zero in on your child’s learning needs for home and school. Click here to learn more

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