Ages 5 to 15+


Teacher Reviews

“The students enjoyed playing and couldn’t wait to finish to meet the dragon.”
–     Andrew Watson, Teacher

“Both the children and parents love the Numbers Up! programs. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback. Well done. ”
–     Frank Naarstig, Teacher

“Your educational software augments the range of interventions I am able to use with students with learning difficulties. The quality of the integrated interactive material is fantastic.”
–     Owen Davies, Learning Difficulties Teacher

“The boys in Year 4 and 5 love playing Baggin’ the Dragon. They are solving problems that they would never attempt if presented to them on paper.”
–     Rosemary Sunner, Teacher

Parent Reviews

“What a brilliant CD. All our kids love it! Congratulations. They’re learning heaps!”
Patricia Hanson, Parent


“… we didn’t know how much fun playing with an educational software title could be. This exceptionally kid-friendly title is designed for use either in your home or in the classroom. The vivid graphics and sounds help lure children into the game, while success depends on their ability to answer adjustable, grade level mathematic problems … Testers got so involved in collecting points and looking for swords that that they forgot that they were answering questions like they would in school.”
–     The National Parenting Center Reviewers

Student Reviews

“I liked the graphics lots and the dragon is SO COOL! I think it’s a top game and a fun way of doing maths.”
–     Lucy, aged 12

“Its helps you learn. It was really fun to play. I think it’s the best computer game in the world.”
–     Isabella, aged 7

“I like Numbers Up! because it has gadgets and swords. I like it because it is a maths game and it is not too hard. It is fun and it helps you at maths. I like the questions.”
–     Ethan, aged 9

“It is really cool—it’s got good graphics.”
–     Damien, aged 11

“It was really awesome. Not what I see every day. It made the questions really fun to do.”
–     Ebony, aged 8

“I think it is a good game because you can pick which character you want to be and learn new maths skills.”
–     Jasper, aged 10

“I like the gadgets and swords and when the dragon comes. Also the questions are fun but I like the quizzes the most.”
–     Tom, aged 10

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