BRAINtastic v2 Mega Bundle

Ages 5 to 15+


Teacher Reviews

A fabulous resource!

BRAINtastic! is a fabulous resource! The software allows children to select one of four (at present!) games to play within the same educational framework. This keeps the children engaged throughout as they can change game as they work through their levels.
– Lindsay Odie, ICT Teacher, Gilmerton Primary School

Recommended to all parents!

“I like the program contents and the fact that the players have to earn the games as rewards. Will recommend that parents buy this for their software collections.”
– N. Harman, Bishopsgate School

Parent Reviews

“The bundle is an excellent way to get the full range of subjects for a bargain price. Includes title for Maths, Reading and Word Skills.
Installed easily on Windows 7.
DWISOTB (Does What It Says On The Box) – kids loved it!”
– G. Sutton, Parent

“For once I don’t have to argue with the kids to do their home work as they love your programs. Both their maths and spelling have improved out of sight. I strongly recommend your programs to every body I speak to. I must say that if home and school are supporting each other it has to be a lot easier on our children.”
– Jenny, Parent

“My two youngest children – Abby (6) & Sam (4) – are veteran software testers/critics. They know exactly what works for them. So taking BRAINtastic! home for them was a challenge. But, what a hit! The success and popularity of the software was unquestionable. As a parent it was wonderful.

The ability to target subject areas and focus on your child’s needs is a real bonus, and one of the best bits for a parent is that we are in control. We can set the amount and subject of questions that must be played before the reward game. We can review the results easily, and have real insight into the educational areas that our children are enjoying or struggling with.

Sam and Abby were more than happy to keep answering the questions. They didn’t hesitate, there was no need to be pushed or nagged. They knew the longer they took to do that, the further away the game was. Their sheer enthusiasm took over and hours of learning and fun passed without any of us knowing. All this fun comes with a downside, however, and that is stopping – nobody wanted to!”
– Kerry, Parent

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