What is BRAINtastic! Reading Success?

The incredible, curriculum-linked reading software that uses an integrated phonemic and text based approach to reading! BRAINtastic! Reading Success utilises Integrated Speech and sound support, going beyond phonics to establish reading foundations, build solid reading skills, develop fully rounded readers, grow a love of reading and cultivate comprehension power, all with activities at a level appropriate for each child!

BRAINtastic! Reading Success is suitable for use by itself or as supplementary material for existing reading programmes. Can be used to teach core reading skills, for remedial or extension programmes, and for teaching ESL. Read more about phonemes.

Each title includes four Reward Games: ReBop!, Toy Storm, Extreme Face Maker Guys and Extreme Face Maker Girls.

BRAINtastic! Reading Success builds essential reading skills:

  • Based on the latest evidential research**
  • Helps children to learn to read the same way they learn to speak
  • Over 2,900 carefully targeted activities across 6 CDs for children aged 4 to 15+
  • Over 3,800 sound files for phonemes, vocabulary, instructions, answers and more!


  • Prof Ken Rowe, Final Report, National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy, Australian Government 2005;
    • Media Release Dr Brendan Nelson – Federal Minister for Education
    • Copy of Final Report
    • Crisis: 30% of children are functionally illiterate, says Brendan Nelson – 7:30 Report
  • Jim Rose, Independent review of the teaching of early reading, UK Govt 2005; Early Reading Review
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Which Title do I choose?

Children who are readers are more likely to learn independently, have vivid imaginations, write fluently and experience better emotional health, self-confidence and job success. Use BRAINtastic! Reading Success to help your child unlock life’s treasures!
Not all kids have the same success in learning to read.
That’s why there’s a BRAINtastic! Reading Success title that’s just right for each child,

Beginning Reader!

Start your child on their reading journey with titles ONE and TWO and let them progress through the carefully structured, step-by-step activities.

Emerging Reader!

Fill in any skill gaps and then develop and broaden their reading skills. Start at titles ONE or TWO and work through the titles to their level.

Struggling Reader!

Start at title ONE and work through the activities in order. Struggling readers often have specific learning gaps and it is vital that these are addressed before progressing to titles TWO, THREE and FOUR.

Power Reader!

Make the most of your children’s reading talent by challenging and stimulating them with a diverse range of reading material. Choose a title above their age. For older children, titles FIVE and SIX will enrich their reading lives!

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