BRAINtastic v2 Reading Success: FIVEAges 8-10

Reward Games

Extreme Face Maker – Girls

Make the face you’ve always dreamed of, or maybe the one you hope you never have! There’s all sorts of crazy face shapes to choose from, with hundreds different eyes, noses, mouths, hair styles and skin colours. You can change the colour of any of the parts and then print it or paste it into your documents.

Extreme Face Maker – Guys

With Extreme FaceMaker – Guys, no two faces are exactly alike. Choose from hundreds of different face shapes, eyes, noses, mouths, hair styles and skin colours to create a completely new face every time you play. When you’re done, you can print it out or paste it into your documents.


Watch the ball bounce on the bubbles and remember where it Bops. Then, use your memory and the mouse to ReBop the bubbles! With bonus rounds and sweet spots ReBop will have your brain bouncing all over!

Toy Storm

It’s clean-up time and the toys are on the loose! It’s going to take all your toy tackling skills to get them back into line. They’ll be running, jumping, squirming and flying to try to escape being caught. If you can grab them, don’t put them in the wrong box, and whatever you do, don’t let any get out of the room.

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