Ages 4 to 11

Computer Classroom v2: Series OverviewAges 4-11

Comprehensive Cross-Curricular Learning

The Computer Classroom Series contains seven titles (K-6) and works as an integrated, progressive learning system to deliver an exceptional cross-curricular learning experiences that enrich understanding and teach key skills in maths, english, spelling and reading to learners of all styles!

Each title contains at least 24 units of work, giving a total of no less than 80 comprehensive lessons per title, each lesson coming with multiple questions and activities.

Learning areas include:

Time, months of the year, temperature, 2D shapes, 3D objects, addition, subtracting from 20, multiplication, money, understanding reading, comprehension, research, word building, spelling, punctuation and more!

Perfect for use in both the home and classroom!

Each title focuses on a particular age group. With lively characters and humour the tutorials demonstrate the concepts kids need to understand. Engaging activities and games help them to master what they have learnt during the lessons.

Why your kids will love The Computer Classroom:

  • Features friendly characters that guide and give timely advice with quirky humour
  • Uses lively images, animations and sounds for a truly interactive experience
  • Includes fun animated lessons and demonstrations
  • Features a cool range of engaging single/multiplayer games!
  • Caters for all learning styles with an exceptionally diverse range of activities
  • Uses positive reinforcement and appropriate feedback
  • Contains printable progress reports, lessons and certificates of achievement

Why you will love The Computer Classroom:

  • Provides a solution-oriented approach to learning
  • Features a comprehensive range of progressive, age-appropriate lessons and activities
  • Monitors the progress of up to 40 users to allow targeting of individual needs for extension and revision
  • Contains printable progress reports, lessons and certificates of achievement
  • Includes clear, careful instructions and explanations
  • Provides opportunities to learn and practise
  • All titles work together as an integrated, progressive learning package

The educational quality of The Computer Classroom:

  • Designed by experienced teachers
  • Follows recognised principles in developmental educational psychology
  • Based on educational progressions that underpin the curricula for all Australian states, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, USA, Canada and South Africa
  • All titles work together as an integrated, progressive learning package
  • Focuses on the process as well as the product, helping students think carefully and logically
  • Uses British English spelling conventions and SI units of measurement (metres, kilograms, kilometres, etc.)
  • Each title contains options for different regions with appropriate currencies

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Servers 2003, 2008 2012
  • Apple Macintosh
    • From OS X 10.4.11 and later including OS X 10.9.x, OS X 10.10.x, OS X 10.11.x
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