Ages 5 to 12

Manic Maths: CrazyAges 7-9

Series Overview

The logo of Manic Maths Crazy

“You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.” – Anonymous

A crazy set of games that will deepen your child’s understanding of fundamental maths concepts, preparing them for more difficult problem-solving challenges.

  • Ages 7-9
  • Contains 11 interactive, quality educational games.
  • Integrates core mathematical skills with off-the-charts fun!

Manic Maths Crazy covers a range of essential skills and learning areas, with a special emphasis on:

  • Area, space & volume
  • 2D shapes & 3D objects
  • Position & movement (transformations)
  • Addition & subtraction
  • Patterns, relationships & algebra
  • Problem solving & logical thinking


The scuttlers need a house and want you to design it for them! Build the model using your creative genius, then draw up the blueprints. This game blends architecture and art to develop a broad range of 2D and 3D skills!

Bug Bytes

Computer bugs are annoying Wrex! See who can capture and zap the most bugs. The ultimate electrical experience! Activate the wires surrounding the bugs to zap them before they bite back.


A cat has a problem with excess hair and is constantly coughing up hairballs, aiming them at the scuttlers. The scuttlers aren’t afraid of this, in fact they tease the cat, trying to make it hit them with the balls. They even join with the player to make the cat cough up more – this is of course for the ultimate good of the cat!


Sir Plus has had an interesting and varied past but, because of head damage from jousting, has forgotten the dates of important events and needs help. Remind forgetful Sir Plus of the exact dates of his past deeds. Use his clues to eliminate days on the calendar until one is pinpointed. Does this jog the ghostly brain cells?

Doin’ Time

Mr B Bad Wolf is doing time for his crime. Watch out for the sequence of events in this timely game show.


A room in the science laboratory is used to store space objects and build and test spacecraft modules. The gravity inside the room can be turned off and on.

Maze Mugger

Wrex Havoc has scattered food all through his cheesy maze. Help the scuttler put the party food back together again but watch out or Wrex will beat him up and make you lose time.

The Works

Who ordered this pizza? Chuck off the toppings before we all chuck up! Wrex has ordered pizza, but someone has put lots of yucky olives on it. Help Wrex get rid of as many olives from the top of the pizza as possible, as he doesn’t like them and didn’t order them.

Tongue ‘n’ Groove

Scuttlers enjoy listening to music from the Jukebeast. It plays five different instruments but only performs for a wage! A scuttler’s purse lying close by supplies the necessary scuttler coins.


It is the season to make scuttler babies! As each numbered scuttler is hit, it divides into the nominated number of babies. These are sorted onto special pillows for naptime.

Which Stitch

Elbie-Arbie’s body has caught on a nail and unraveled. It needs to be re-knitted using the Stitch Witch knitting machine.

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