Ages 5 to 12

Manic Maths: InsaneAges 9-12

Series Overview

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“There is no great genius without some touch of madness.” – Seneca

The zaniest games in the Manic Maths series, Manic Maths Insane thoroughly covers a broad range of important mathematical skills and concepts for upper primary. Watch your student advance in maths while having an insane amount of fun! Warning – twenty minutes of Manic Maths Insane is likely to cause a brain explosion! (No cleanup required)

  • Ages 9-12
  • Contains nine interactive, quality educational games
  • Combines a huge range of challenging activities with frantically furious fun

Manic Maths Insane covers a range of essential skills and learning areas, with a special emphasis on:

  • Reasoning
  • Patterns, relationships & algebra
  • Area, space & volume
  • 2D shapes & 3D objects
  • Position & movement (transformations)
  • Problem solving & logical thinking


Crack the security system code by placing the runaway numbers in the correct position. Make sure all the numbers add up, or you’ll be stuck outside in the cold!

Cheesed Off

Join shapes together to make a cheese mould. Fill and slice it into cheese pieces. Make different shaped faces to match the biscuit shapes Great Aunt Dimensia and ratbag Reek are enjoying for afternoon tea. Supply afternoon tea for Great Aunt Dimensia and the ratbag Reek Havoc.

Dragon Drop

Sir Plus has forgotten his family’s heraldic crests! Use dragon bones to re-create these patterns on the shield. Bone up on the puzzling family shield patterns. Remove, rearrange or replace bones until a dragon is dropped into each square.

Gut Buster

Don’t bust a gut! Fix the sick sheep in a fraction of the time as you make a pathway for the pill through twisted intestines. Fix the sheep’s tummy troubles by untwisting its guts so that the pill travels through to the exit.

Nappy Rush

Baby scuttlers have escaped and are running amok. A space has been cleared for playpens to be built and an anxious scuttler nanny needs help in getting these erected.


Recycled pong alert! Bat the trash around and bin it when its number’s up. Is it value adding or just multiplying the problem?

Sir Prance-a-lot

Prance, Sir Plus’ trusty steed, is a bit set in his ways and will only jump fences that have been built to a special pattern, anything else will make him lose interest. Build hay bale ‘schooling fences’ for Prance to jump, using the plans stored in Sir Plus’ archives. Build up the hay bales until the horse jumps match the tournament plans. Will Sir Plus and his trusty steed complete the course?

Socket Rocket

A plug in a service panel has fallen out of its socket and disconnected the wires. Help Zap fix the wiring by replacing the missing plug.

Wrex Rules

Welcome to Wrex’s world. He’s in the team, coaches the team, makes up the rules and screams from the sidelines. Even if you score he’ll have something to say. You just can’t get away from him! Play against Wrex in his fantasy TV game world.

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