Ages 5 to 15+
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Builds Rapid-Fire Times Tables and Maths Power

The Educational Content: Number facts covered

+ – x ÷,  -2,  %,  2.2, 0.2,  1/2,  √2 Covers a huge selection of topics and levels from easy to near impossible. It helps the struggler and dares the genius! Generates an unlimited number of questions covering:

  • Lower Primary activities:
    • counting
    • numeration (place value)
    • addition & subtraction
  • width="200"Middle Primary activities:
    • numeration (place value)
    • addition & subtraction
    • multiplication and division tables to 12
    • Extended multipication and division to 25
    • fractions
    • squares & square roots
    • decimals
  • Upper Primary/Lower Secondary activities:
    • advanced numeration
    • advanced addition & subtraction
    • advanced multiplication & division
    • advanced fractions
    • advanced decimals
    • percentages
    • powers
    • squares & square roots
    • directed numbers


The Curriculum

Ultimate Maths Invaders addresses a wide range of outcomes and objects common to all maths curricula. It is fun, flexible and focused on quickly and painlessly developing automatic recall of essential maths facts from times tables to square roots and beyond!

  • Fulfills the curriculum outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and the New Zealand TKI

Curriculum Matrix View the curriculum correlations document.  

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