Ages 5 to 15+
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Builds Rapid-Fire Times Tables and Maths Power


Teacher Reviews

Ultimate Maths Invaders is a game children will enjoy as a means of improving maths skills, a boon to busy teachers and a well-constructed programme of arithmetical skills for home use.”

– Ken Docksey, Teacher, ICT Coordinator & Assistant Principal, Sandon Primary School

“We have been using and recommending Maths Invaders for some time now. Many of our students have great difficulty memorizing facts – particularly things like addition, subtraction, and multiplication tables – and we find that Ultimate Maths Invaders is a fun way to give them the constant repetition needed to help them retain this important information.”

– Jan Polkinghorne, Specific Learning Difficulties Association

“I can’t praise Ultimate Maths Invaders highly enough. It covers all aspects of mental maths from 5 to 15, but most importantly of all, the kids loved it and were fighting to use it.”

– LJ Rogers, Resource Teacher

Student Reviews

“IT ROCKS DUDE! Hi-tech, fun and full of maths! The ultimate choice! I like Ultimate Maths Invaders because of the tension and the fun in defeating the maths waves. Cool dude!”

– Jessica, aged 12

“I think this excellent game will really help kids with their maths. I really enjoy playing it!”

– Isabelle, aged 11

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