Ages 5 to 15+


Teacher Reviews

“What a huge win for our school. We couldn’t be more happy or impressed by Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic and Numbers Up! Baggin’ the Dragon. The children think they are fantastic and fun to play. From a teacher’s perspective the software is great. The games allow multiple players, have fantastic graphics and sound. The fact that the games are syllabus-based is GOLD. Best products on the market by a mile.”

– Coley White, Teacher

Parent Reviews

“What is brilliant about Volcanic Panic is that it teaches the language of maths – less than, more than, after, etc. rather than just the number bonds. My 6 year-old is autistic and is very able on the latter, but struggles with the language. He absolutely loves this game and is learning without realising it.”

– John Smith, Parent, Buckinghamshire UK

Student Reviews

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is a great computer game. I especially liked the little space ship. It is cool … And I liked where we had a shop on the island and all the cool stuff that was in it like the Teleporter and other things. It is a great, exciting and fun game.”

– Sophie, aged 11

“I love Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic. It’s great because it’s fun and exciting. It has great questions and all the people (characters) in the game you can pick are great … It’s a great way for kids to do maths. Thanks.”
– Frances, aged 10

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