Ages 5 to 15+


Teacher Reviews

“I was very impressed with the whole program – in particular, I found the content was very well designed and at the age appropriate level. Being able to adjust the level to cater for the individual differences of pupils was an excellent option … The children were very enthusiastic with the different activities and were eager to complete the questions related to the different aspects of spelling and grammar … Congratulations … software of this nature is an invaluable resource to any classroom.”
– Vicki Holman, Principal


“Featuring lively graphics and a unique interface, Words Rock keeps students engaged with a set of challenges that will expand your child’s vocabulary and reading skills.”
– The National Parenting Center Reviewers

“Reviewers were impressed by the breadth and depth of the questions in Words Rock
– Super Kids Educational Software Review

Student Reviews

“It’s fun because you get to catch monsters and use cool gadgets to explore.”
– Tom, aged 9

Parent Reviews

“When it comes to spelling in a workbook [my three boys, aged 9, 7 and 5] tend to run. Now we enjoy learning and we (me included) do it as a game, catching slugs on the computer. Lots of fun – now they come runnin
– Narelle, home-schooling mum

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