30 day money back guarantee

We built our software and are fully confident of its quality. We give you our guarantee that, should you not be 100% happy with your purchase you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Graham East

Managing Director, EdAlive

To claim a 30 Day Money-Back refund

  1. frontpage-sidebar-guaranteeLocate documentation that demonstrates proof of purchase including price paid, manner of purchase and date of purchase. This should include a copy of the original invoice or a brief outline of purchase circumstances to facilitate confirmation of the original purchase. If you purchased through the EdAlive website, please have our email receipt and order number handy.
  2. Contact EdAlive by phone, fax or email and obtain a Returns Authorisation Number (RA Number).
  3. Package the software carefully, include a copy of all documentation together with the RA Number and clearly address it to: EdAlive, PO Box 658, Armidale, NSW 2350, Australia.
  4. Include your full return details including name, address and phone number.
  5. Arrange for the software to be delivered to EdAlive. Postal service is recommend in countries where this is reliable. You will need to meet the cost of the postage or courier service. Under no circumstances will EdAlive meet the cost of returning the goods to us. Be careful, as inappropriate use of couriers can be very expensive and we will accept no liability for such expenses.
  6. We will post a cheque for the amount you initially paid for the product. The cheque will be in AUD (Australian Dollars) at the current exchange rate less any delivery charges that may have applied. You will be responsible for meeting any charges that your bank or financial institution may levy to negotiate the cheque. If you purchased through the EdAlive website, we may alternatively return the amount charged to your credit card.
  7. If you purchased the product by Electronic Software Download then we ask that you destroy all copies of the download or installation after receiving your refund.
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