Project Updates & Release Notes

Typing Tournament is a highly active project and a transformation in progress. We push updates to the site on a regular basis.

Built on a solid award winning foundation

Typing Tournament Online is built on the old multi award-winning CD version. Month by month the capabilities of the new system are expanding on the solid core of the old. These transformational changes are based on feedback from teachers and our ongoing research into the teaching of typing.

Looking forward we have a long list of planned enhancements that will further optimize the learning progression for the students, increase motivation and engagement and more fully extend students

Capacity, efficacy and value are building month by month

As the capabilities of the system grow and evolve there has been a corresponding increase in the underlying value. Accordingly, we have gradually increased the subscription cost. The pricing released for Term 2 2017 is now approaching our target and we do not envisage further significant increases. To be clear we are not in the business of giving low introductory prices that lock users into our system and then gouging for our benefit. We have been operating in the Australian and global education technology market for 30 years and have always offered educators and parents great value for money.

Here follows a list of the major developments and enhancements:

Coming soon

  • Modifications to exit and entry test requirements to enable teachers to better match the task difficulty to the needs of the students


We are constantly monitoring the interaction of teachers and students with Typing Tournament Online. This is done by a combination of:

  • Class visits
  • Video recordings of students using the system
  • Phone interviews with teachers
  • Suggestions that have been phoned in or emailed to us
  • Analysis of usage patterns and trends from the Typing Tournament logs generated by our system

Once gathered we analyse the results and design and implement enhancements. We then reevaluate the use of the system in the light of these changes and repeat the cycle. The end result is the ongoing incremental improvement of Typing Tournament Online making it easier to use for teachers, more motivational for students and more effective as a teaching tool.

March 2018

  • Introduction of the EdAlive Central Single Sign On system enabling the soon to be released Maths Invaders Online to share the students sign in details, teacher accounts and class structure

October 2017

  • Export of Report data to CSV files for external analysis
  • Extended speed goal range from 22 words per minute all the way up to 108 words per minute
  • Teacher accounts can be created by importing details from a CSV file

September 2017

  • Modified the “Player Level” system to create an “Achievements” system. The new system allows students to see all medals earnt for words typed and to draws a concrete link between work done and the resultant reward, to better motivate students.
  • Designed capacity to allow the addition of new challenges based on accuracy and other criteria
  • Student Activity History report displaying the complete history (user story) of a student’s typing journey.
  • The ability to remove individual activities from the user’s story thus enabling teachers to reset work when the student has been using the wrong fingers on the wrong keys or has had another type on their behalf

August 2017

  • Extensive work on the SAML Single Sign On system that enabled existing Typing Tournament users to link to new school SAML accounts
  • Leaderboard – Age based class leaderboards that allow competition between students of comparable age
  • Leaderboard – Revised layout to accommodate age based leaderboards and summary of category leaders
  • Context sensitive help embedded in the Teacher Module

July 2017

  • Holidays and work on August releases

June 2017

  • Leaderboard – Semi-live calculation of current weeks’ progress
  • Leaderboard – Countdown timer to show end of the week
  • Leaderboard – Access to all historical tests for each cell in a class report
  • Teacher module – Consolidated and enhanced access to the printed reports and certificates
  • Printing – Updated the look and feel of printed material to better reinforce student’s learning and give teachers better access to data
  • Speed test- Added a 3 minute option to the existing 1 minute test
  • Access to all historical test results and certificates via the “Reports” screen
  • All certificates made printable and freshly styled for consistency

May 2017

  • Player level system that is designed to motivate students in proportion to the number of words typed. It is independent of the 16 Chapters and typing speed.
  • Live Leaderboard that allows students to track the progress of their class through the week instead of only being able to see the results for the last week. Can be refreshed at 15 minute intervals.
  • Web server optimisation reducing the overall server load and ensuring consistent, fast response time for students and teachers
  • Release of 14 posters in the Typing Tips series

March 2017

  • Shareable Leaderboard links
  • Printable Leaderboard certificates
  • Leaderboard enhancement to enable a student who is signed in to see the results for their class within their school. This is a significant enhancement making it possible for in school leaderboard based competitions
  • Redesign of Leaderboard filters to better enable their use by students
  • Ability for a school to request that their school and classes not display in the Leaderboard

February 2017

  • Automatic Leaderboard listing the results for the immediate past week
  • Leaderboard filters for country, state, school
  • Leaderboard history enabling students to see the class rank in previous weeks
  • Enable replay of reward movie after completion
  • Greatly enhanced Frequently Asked Questions section enabling teachers to better train staff and problem solve

January 2017

  • Graphical User Interface enhancements
  • Enhanced access to higher speed goals for students who have completed Level 16 at 22 WPM
  • Copy students/Duplicate Classes (Allows teachers to migrate students to new classes for the commencement of the year
  • Updated and expanded training videos

November 2016

  • World Typeathon and manual Leaderboards
  • Fast/Slow voice-over options (Allows students to choose the speed of the read text while still requiring them to progress through the text and not skip it)
  • Game High Score records

October 2016

  • Teacher FAQ and Resources
  • Speed test with reports (Allows students to take a speed test at any time regardless of current level)
  • Facebook Speed test challenge
  • Dragon Chase game

September 2016

  • Voice-over support to lesson screens (enables younger children to hear the instructions and stops students simply skipping the instructions)
  • Video user guides
  • SAML, ADFS and Office365 Single Sign On
  • Enhanced reports

August 2016

  • Performance Enhancements
  • Siege Game update
  • Overhauled Drill System
    • Must type x characters instead of x minutes
    • No more keyboard ‘mashing’
    • Must meet minimum accuracy requirement

July 2016

  • Require all students to watch lesson demos and to progress through the drills and tests (Stops students cherry picking activities within the levels and ensures that skills are learnt in a progressive fashion)
  • Graphical User Interface changes
  • Printable certificates for tests

June 2016

  • Google and Facebook Single Sign On
  • SAML capabilities
  • Caps Lock key detection (fixes problem where students inadvertently activate the Caps Lock key)
  • Start drills/tests by pressing home row keys (encourages students to use the right fingers on the right keys)
  • Changed progression model through levels (must complete lesson then drills in correct order before test and games)
  • “Start/Continue Here” icon follows user progress
  • Graphical User Interface enhancements to enhance student’s and teacher’s experience

May 2016

  • Powder Keg Game
  • My Account screen
  • Student Login List PDF
  • Export Student CSV
  • Manage Teachers
  • Student Management (add/remove)
  • Simple progress report (circular)
  • Inline editing of student details
  • School Wide class management

April 2016

  • Siege Game
  • Class and School Import CSV

March 2016

  • Enhancements to student experience
  • Enhancements to Mobile edition

December 2015

  • Basic Teacher Management Module
  • Basic iPad operation
  • Home-user subscriptions
  • Student intro and posture screens

Nov 2015

Beta release of Typing Tournament Online replicating the core functionality of the 2004 Typing Tournament CD product.