Research underpins EdAlive websites

Light graph going up - research outcomes

EdAlive is committed to educational design directed and validated by research. New product development and continuous improvement are both underpinned by real-world research data and evidence-based best practice.

An impressive heritage

All of our websites have been developed from our popular multi-award winning CD-based products with a history stretching back to 1987. Their development was extensively informed by feedback from students and teachers, and classroom observation by our own practitioners. Students found these products engaging and enjoyable and, importantly, teachers could see their classes being challenged and actively learning.

Revolutionary online features

Building on the rich research base of our CD products the online programs include numerous revolutionary features possibly only in the online environment. These include automated adaptive learning, real time multi-player games and built-in reports. Even as the stable of online products expands, EdAlive remains committed to continuous improvement in order to achieve the best outcomes for students and teachers. Well-designed online learning not only increases knowledge but also builds confidence and a love of learning, priming students for ongoing success.

Analysis of real-time data underpins development

Online delivery provides a powerful research opportunity. Real-time data collection shows how each website operates under real-world conditions: everything that students can throw at it. This data informs continuous improvement and development and enables us to optimise the operational performance of the online environment.

Outstanding results quantified

Analysis of de-identified user data clearly show that students using EdAlive websites are making outstanding progress and are demonstrating significant educational advantage. Where possible these gains have been externally validated by comparison with the relevant NAPLAN results.

Research directions and findings

Research continues to drill down deeper into the data to optimise the effectiveness of the sites and grow student achievement. Each website is checked for effectiveness across students with diverse backgrounds over the widest possible age range. We also quantify the educational progress and advantage that is gained by regular use, and what patterns of use are most effective.

Dr Lindsay Brash